Friday, October 9, 2009

Freedom at Last!


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  1. LOL! Will is my hero.

  2. haha, Golf Pro does NOT equal Pro Golfer.

    Who would brag about that anyway?

    OMG, you’re dating a golfer? I bet he … ummm, average sized muscles, lots of khaki pants, and ummm… clean balls!

  3. *HAS average sized muscles*… damn, the “grammer” nazis are gonna be mad :(.

  4. @ mcowles


  5. Actually it’s *grammar*…I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself.

  6. You know she really must have been a biatch. Her use of capitals in someONE confirms it even before the pro golfer/golf pro moment. His capitals are very enthusiastic, her’s are very snide, even though they just set up a big fail moment.

  7. @Zena

    haha, I knew someone wouldn’t be able to stop themselves. I am glad it was you, for some reason.

  8. Don’t worry William, this new single life will give you plenty of time to work on your stroke. Then maybe someday you can be a Pro.

  9. @mcowles

    Delivery took four minutes this time. I feel better about the world.

  10. Hey, I’m a golf pro…

  11. mcowles, you’re glad it was Zena cuz it wasnt rude or ‘snide’ 🙂 hehe

  12. I also would have accepted: “You must be glad you’re not the only professional in the relationship then.”

  13. What is the difference? Sorry if I’m being golf stupid or some other kind of stupid. I don’t get it xD Please explain this one to me.

  14. @leverhundar

    Every golf resort in the country has “golf pros”. They’re usually decent golfers that offer lessons and show off to the locals. I’m also guessing that most of them have actual jobs that they work, at least a few hours per week.

    Professional golfers make their money on tournaments and winning prize money for playing well there.

    @Boz, A bit better about the world. Don’t get too carried away.
    @Steve-o, yeah, that was surprising, haha.

  15. a golf pro is someone who serves other golfers. a pro golfer earns a living by playing in golf tournaments (i.e. Tiger Woods).

  16. Aha! Thank you! I understand now. I knew what a professional golfer was, of course, but not the difference between that and a ‘golf pro’. 🙂

  17. ahahah pwnd!!

  18. Samantha, I guess someONE feels a lot less smug…bwahahahahaha

  19. Wills comments are fantastic! And @Ha Ha, that’s awesome! Lol.

  20. Ah, the discarded B-plot of Caddyshack II: Electric Boogaloo

  21. @Chaz – nice work!!
    Same enthusiasm to Will; you went from pathetically trying to pretend you’re OK with being dumped to WIN!

  22. @yoyo – So…This guy likes to clean other golfer’s balls?


  24. Why the fuck do these idiots dump one another and then remain friends on Facebook? This site is making me think that most “adults” never grew up.

  25. I love it, how many of you Americans are fucking egocentristic & ignorant. N.b., many, not all.

    Best regards from Iceland.

  26. ^ Fuck off, Bjork

  27. I love you Me

  28. haha he’s prolli the guy with a matress on his back collecting the balls off the course

  29. I find it hard to believe that no one corrected mcowles’ incorrect punctuation of “average-sized muscles”.

    Just throwing it out there.

  30. William’s epic win
    Over a caddy lover
    Made me pee my pants

  31. @Mr Haiku

    Something’s wrong with your syllable calculation of late!

  32. Also, Samantha has put emphasis on the wrong part of someone. Idiot.

  33. I get the feeling that someone as taking golf lessions and decided to take the studying to the next level.

  34. @guinevere

    I’ve used 99% correct grammar in my posts so far. This has caused the incredibly understanding and nice lamebook commenters to ignore a minor error when they slip past my fingers. Hmmm, wait, no, that’s not right, I have no idea why no one corrected that, haha.

    Well, I guess you just did. Ok, all is right with the world again.

  35. Dating a “pro golfer”. LMAO! I can just see her sitting there twirling her hair while blowing bubbles with her bubblegum.

  36. Hmmm – have to disagree with you on this one. Mr Haiku has his 5-7-5 perfect here. Unlike the last one.

    I take william as two syllables, not three. Unless it is the Will-I-Am from the black eyed peas.

  37. William has 3 syllables, not 2. Regardless of if he’s Will-I-Am or not.

  38. You actually say Will-ee-um? and not Will-yum? Must be a country thing.

  39. Yes I guess when ppl say it really fast its ‘Willyum’, but most ppl i know say it as ‘Will-ee-um’ here in Aus. Yeah must be a country thing then!

  40. Wow, sorry Krissa, but I’m Australian and I’ve never heard an Aussie say anything but ‘Will-yum’. Definitely 2 sylllables, from where I’m standing. Interesting.

    Having said that, even if I thought it was Will-ee-um, I would defend Mr Haiku on principle. 😉

  41. Fair enough Spoder but when you get down to the theory of it, there’s still an i in it.
    When youre counting syllables the ‘i’ just doesnt turn into ‘eeu’.

  42. That may be true Krissa, but this is not a theoretical haiku, it’s a practical one. And I am also Australian, and have never heard anyone say anything but Will-yum. And I have a brother by that name.

  43. Umm, yes it does just turn into ‘eeu’, that’s the point. That’s what syllables are – sounds, not spelling. You count them based on how many ‘beats’ the word has when you say it out loud, so in a language like English, the written word is fairly irrelevant. ‘iam’ or ‘ian’ is often pronounced as one syllable, as in “Asian” (2 syllables).

    Anyway, no worries, mate.

    (*runs away before getting a virtual slap for nerding up lamebook*)

  44. @ anti-Boz – oh, we crossed over – snap!

  45. Burn.

  46. no but seriously….what straight guy says BIATCH??

  47. @mcowles, I just wanted to make sure you knew that someone was paying attention. 🙂

    They’re always watching…

    P.S. Your grammar and spelling are pretty great. It’s just kinda fun to pick on the ones who point out that people here pick on grammar and spelling. 😉

  48. Any one seen my poptarts I NEED THAT SHIIIIIT

  49. ^^are you retarded??

  50. For a second there I thought Tiger put another notch on his belt.

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