Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Fails Part 1

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  1. God in Mars must be a girl.

  2. Jesus…

  3. Mars is beautiful this time of year. You can get a trip there for fairly cheap on Priceline. Shats will get you there without a layover.

  4. Another Friday fail: Blurring Richard Branson’s name.

  5. ^ fail.

  6. No shit!

  7. toddvanhamburger


  8. velocirrober, I’m calling you the failure. Do you know who Richard Branson is?

  9. Chill, Morgan, I was being sarcastic…

  10. ^no you weren’t

  11. ^ agree.

  12. #1. just fuck off, robert.
    why didn’t chris block (or whatever) him for this? it’s an outrage.

    #2. people actually actualy call that hairy, grinning twat ‘sir‘?
    damn. the english love them a nob(ility).

  13. *actually.

  14. Everything I needed to know, I learned by watching Strangers With Candy. The show, not the movie.

  15. Morons.

  16. I call him Dicky.

  17. RIP Neil.

  18. Don’t do drugs and ride your bicycle on the moon.

  19. ‘sir’ dicky branson is a beardy grinning twat and the english are a nation of boot-licking, class-conscious dogs.

  20. *lap dogs.

  21. Eeeeh! But e’s a billionaire.” [/frantically class envies like a demented brit motherfucker]

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