Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Fotos!

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  1. vaginalroundhouse

    I’m pulling out the race card here. Oh just because the jelly bean is black and nobody wants it? That’s racist, you white people are so ignant, blah blah blah. Nobody likes black people, even black people hate black people. Hence most homicides in America are black on black per capita.

  2. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Don’t forget the black barbies that no one buys.

  3. I registered to write that the first comment was stupid but wow, you’re both idiots.

  4. Wow, Kiwibank’s description really pointed out how unpractical that car is for a family. Well done.

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I clicked back into this post to write thatDrekk is a fucking idiot who can’t identify sarcasm even if it kicked his balls through his teeth.


  7. hootie the blowfish

    oilersfan, I agree that the car looks inconvenient for a family, but I don’t think the comment says that. In every car (well, almost every car) there’s only one passenger seat. Passenger seat in this context refers only to the seat up front that is not the driver’s seat.

  8. Codename Dutchess

    New Zealand gave us Flight of the Concords, these people can do whatever the fuck they want.

  9. On behalf of us Kiwis, thank you Dutchess.

    I love it when people don’t get it and comment stupidly.
    Black jellybean = a candy popular in NZ….

  10. Most people that have eaten jellybeans would agree that the black jellybeans are the worst tasting ones because of the flavor, not the color, I don’t care what fucking color it is those jellybeans taste like shit.

    It’s stupid when people “pull the race card” on every little thing. Don’t be so sensitive people.

  11. ^that was more directed to vaginalroundhouse just so everyone knows

  12. Black jelly beans are the best kind. WTF are you people on?

  13. I want that car quite badly.

  14. In other important news: I’d definitely do Jen.

  15. Stretch–me too bro, three times.

  16. So, I wrote that comment. I guess there’s some racist black connotation in it. So? For every racist white guy in the world there’s probably a racist black guy. Get over it, fucking have a laugh if you find it funny, if not, move on. You will never abolish Racism, it’s far too funny.

  17. for a smarmy site a lot of the patrons lack an ability to detect sarcasm.

    anyhow, jen’s hot.

  18. Dukey Smoothy Buns. Sarcasm doesn’t resort to threats of internet violence. Shame on you.

  19. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I was quite late learning to drive, and didn’t get my licence until is in my late 20s. I knew how to drive before that, but I failed my first driving test and then decided to leave it for a bit to concentrate on college and then ‘a bit’ turned into ‘ages’. Before I actually got my driving licence and started driving regularly, I always worried about parallel parking; it seemd like the hardest of the manoeuvres. So for a while I was tempted by the Smart Car, because the whole point of it is that it’s the same length that most cars are wide so you don’t need to parallel park. Then I realised that parallel parking is easy and Smart Cars are shit. The End.

  20. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Also; yes, Gadfly, it is terrible when people don’t get it and comment stupidly.

    Vaginalroundhouse won this one.

  21. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Some of you new people really suck vaginalroundhouse even said blah blah blah in his argument, if that doesn’t get your sarcasm detector tingling, I don’t know what will.

  22. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    MsAnneThrope here’s a nice compliment sandwich for you. Nice name.
    You apparently don’t understand what an ‘If statement’ is.
    You have an okay sense of humor(I know because I have resorted to lurking. I barely have enough time to to check the posts let alone comment.)

    Oh and yeah Stretch, Jen is doable even with A-cups and a flat ass.

  23. I’m with Dukey on this one. Not just because we black brother and he’s my nigga, but MsAnneThrope is talking out of his ass on this one. Dukey,you tell ’em how it is nigga.

    And don’t bash on me for saying the word nigga,because as a nigga that says nigga a lot,trust me,that nigga says nigga all the time.

  24. On another topix entirely- is there anyone on this planet who’s more of a f-ing idiot than Deepak Chopra?

    I mean, some days I just think Lamebook should just replace their website with a picture of his big stupid face.

    Thoughts? Can this happen?

  25. And yah, Jen is ok. But that doesn’t look like a cock.

  26. lather.rinse.repeat

    Clearly MsAnneThrope is also being sarcastic. Shame on ALL of you.

  27. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I like Deepak Chopra. He’s made a lot of money, and that’s something I approve of.

  28. Who’s Deepak Chopra?
    I know I’ll get flamed for not googling it, but I can’t find google…

    Jen’s only sexy if you’re into tweens…

  29. On the Quantum level, Deepak hasn’t made any money at all.

    No, YOU think about it… 🙂

  30. I’d fucking ream out Jens Cock Box even if she does have a womb poker of her own, we could make lightsaber noises as our dick’s clashed.

    I’d play the role of Darth Vader as I already have a large, malformed black helmet.

  31. I can register sarcasm and everything, but I honestly can’t remember any black barbies. surely that’s bad?

    Also I propose the motion that she looks fairly manly even without the strap-on cock-effect belt.

    Anyone care to second.

    (For the record, its not me being horrible, and I’m not gonna cause her to self-harm, starve or take hormone therapy, I’m just referring to her pose.)

  32. I think she’s hot and would go through her like a train… Even with the manly posing

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