Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday PhoDOHs!

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  1. Wet dreams anyone? Dude in #1 is on the train to pleasure…

  2. Soup and mcowles FTW! Any time I flashed the camera like the guy in photo #2 they would never let it show. Or let me buy it. Of course my pics usually involved a fruit bowl.

  3. I am like 99.9% sure that the guy in pic one is my ex. That picture made my week…thank you, Lamebook. Thank you.

  4. To add on to that – having size is one thing…knowing how to use it, something else entirely.

  5. Oh, see, sweet sweet #54, that is where you are oh so wrong. For he doth not need to knoweth how to useth it. All he must do is conjure it forth and lay there.

  6. I’ve seen him both conjure and lay. He is sufficiently skilled IMO.

  7. pretty sure no one wants the dude in the last photo… or the girl.

  8. lol -__-

  9. Chica in third photo appears to be getting a nice hefty corner of that object up the ass.

    Rollercoaster picture hits funny if considered a copy for the loving couple, with two tards behind them.

    I Wanna Know, Joe.

  10. Pic two looks like the newest ride at Douchenyland…

  11. Joe looks like the new ride for half the women in here.

  12. Some men too. . . .

  13. @Black cloud
    so true! i was about to say that.
    Jersey Shore is sheeet! anyone who watches that show needs some strong medication… or needs to stop taking it.

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