Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Quick Ones





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  1. brian might be my next add…

  2. Brian’s comment was good, but it was kind of obvious. She walked into it, really.

  3. Stuart’s was way better…

  4. Stuart is awesome.

  5. I really thought she DID say ‘real player’ the first two times I read that. I was trying to make sense of her ‘finding an edge’ and falling over said edge, and how in the world real player would help. I was thinking ‘fuck she takes her media players WAY too seriously’. Then I noticed that she was just another desperado soliciting prayer from facebook.
    As for Hallie, did she just NOT wipe her arse so she could go post this, getting stool on her chair in the process? Or…
    Wait, I actually don’t care.

  6. I’d poke Krystal…

  7. stu ftw! 🙂

  8. Viva Stuart

  9. Dibs on Krystal’s iPhone if she does top herself.

  10. Anyone knows Brian’s last name?

  11. Stuart ftw

  12. Stuart!

  13. I didn’t even know people still used realplayer. I remember when that was ALL we had, and it was an upgrade from the MIDI only songs around, that took 15 minutes to download on our dial up.

    I also had to walk uphill both ways to browse the internet.

  14. I’m going to ask Stuart to be my friend. That was great.

  15. I’m sorry this has nothing to do about this posty i just wanted to say that my idiot of a friend’s best friend is a BITCH and so is my idiot friend fuck you all

  16. @15 its people like you that will lead to a Lamerbook… where we can showcase lame Lamebook comments.

  17. @15 its people like you that will lead to Lamerbook… the place to post lame Lamebook comments.

  18. @15 and 16— You guys are like so fricken the same and stuff… maybe you should like date or sumfin… like uhhh… doo datt.

  19. What kind of a name is Darby.

    It is not a question.

  20. Seriously Darby sounds like some half-wit friend of Gumby.

  21. meh

  22. @Six

    Six sounds like some half-wit friend of Blossom.

  23. I know it was not a question, but Darby is a dog name. Which explains why Darby didn’t understand about years, because dogs don’t really get calendars.

    We shouldn’t make fun of Darby, because it’s impressive that she can use a computer at all, let alone attend some sort of school. My dog can barely poop outside. He’ll never have his own Facebook.

  24. ^^Fail

  25. Ehab. Rehab without the R.
    How perfect it would be if the accident referred to was caused by overindulgence in some form of narcotic.

  26. Stuart FTMFW!

  27. Don’t you normally become ‘Class of…’ AFTER you finish the class?

    Ehab. Fail.

  28. Stuart, you are awesome.

  29. Stuart and Brian need to team up for a comedy special. Top marks.

  30. amazing

  31. 10 bucks says Kayleigh isn’t going to graduate.

  32. Hope it wasn’t for drunk driving..or else they might have to send Ehab to rehab…haha

  33. I want to know if anyone turned Ehab in for his scene flight.

  34. I love Stuart, Ehab is a tool and I hope he was joking.

  35. FrancoisV November 7th, 2009 at 1:15 pm

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  36. Yeah, francoisV, I think you’re on the wrong site. We don’t have what you’re looking for. Take whatever you want, just… go.

  37. I thought it was strange I didn’t see any pictures of BLACK HOT COCK. Maybe next time if we’re lucky, eh?

  38. it’s all in the names,
    Darby? Hallie? Krystal? and Ehab?
    if your parents can’t even spell, what chance does a poor kid have

  39. How can I ‘like’ bronsta’s comment?

  40. I feel like Ehab is one of those illiterate d-bags they interview on the news who say they “seen” it.

  41. Yeep, I seen him. That is to say, I saw him.

  42. Before graduating in 2013, Kayleigh might want to check her spelling – were, we’re. Clearly, she’s not much brighter than her friend Darby.

  43. Dark Angel, before posting shit on here, you might want to know the difference between spelling and grammar. you’re not much brighter than either of these highschool bitches, now are you?

  44. @ laura

    quit picking fights on here.
    you knew what she meant.

  45. What *I* want to know is why people say “grammar” when they mean “spelling AND grammar”.

  46. Hahaha Stuart <3

  47. I say SPAG, which covers all bases.

    Now I’m hungry.

  48. Hallie, you’re a freak.

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