Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fun Fun Fun Fest Caption Contest!

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  1. “Classic MacGruber”

  2. So I just need to do this, stick my tongue out and do this “twerking” thing to get Robin Thicke to do WHAT to me?

  3. Dman, You’re a dirty little troll

  4. I’m sorry, but was this supposed to be like most caption contests, where people submit funny captions? Or like a Lamebook lame ass caption contest? 90% of the above comments are no where even close to possibly being considered a little bit funny. Other than pretty much Snoop Dogg, I wouldn’t want to see any of the “performers” at this falsely advertised inbred redneck festival. I’d rather go cow tipping with a farmer in Texas than sit in a dirty park field with a bunch of sweaty, drunk/high, fat assed Americans! Sorry about your luck Lamestbooker (or dman- who has somehow figured out how to vote 130 multiple times, cause that caption is one of the worst) but it looks like you guys are gonna be the lucky winners! Hahaha have fun!

  5. Haters are going to hate.

    Lamest, I think you intended to say winner as opposed to troll.

  6. I didn’t

  7. You could at least attempt to be gracious in defeat, kiddo

  8. Congradulations.

  9. Congratulations*

  10. ^My point

  11. Leave Britney alone!

  12. Who the fuck are all of you?

  13. Damn lamestbooker, I don’t know htf that happened…and Zatknis, they sure come out of the woodwork when they think they can get some free shit don’t they? Too bad there wasn’t anything funny posted in all of that mess above.

  14. i’ve not yet begun to defile myself

  15. some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts…

  16. Val Kilmer wanted a Justin Bieber style hair cut.
    “I think you need a pair of panties on your head” I scream at him
    “Why’s that?” he asked
    “Because you look like fucken cunt” I replied

  17. Nancy responded I’m alarmed that a single mom able to profit ($)8420 in four weeks on the computer. her latest blog… Fb39.COM

  18. Nancy is a liar and everybody knows it. Last summer she told me she got pregnant on cheer-camp, when she really just got fat.

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