Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fun with Ford

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  1. I’ll anal-rape the Ford out of you!

  2. Anal Escort, Anal Deluxe, Anal Elite, Anal Fiesta, etc, etc, etc….by George I think he’s on to something here.

  3. Anal F-series, Anal Fusion, Anal Windstar…

  4. yournutsareshowing

    The same could be said for Dodge. Anal Ram, Anal Charger, Anal Dart, Anal Journey.

  5. Thumbs down based on the profile pic. That’s an old bald guy with a female baby. Should not be posting about anal anything.

  6. sleptwithghosts

    Anal Edsel.

  7. Let’s try Chevy:

    Anal Spark.
    Anal Sonic.
    Anal Cruze.
    Anal Volt.
    Anal Equinox.
    Anal Traverse.
    Anal Suburban.
    Anal Avalanche.
    Anal Express.
    Anal City Express.

    I didn’t list all of them, just the most fun ones.

  8. Oh, and the Ford Anal Freestyle and Anal Flex are good ones.

  9. beatus, you missed the followiing for Chevy:-

    Anal Tracker
    Anal Nomad
    Anal Senator
    Anal Standard
    Anal Townsman

    GOing back to Ford, there’s the Anal Mustang, Anal Pilot, Anal Puma, Anal Galaxie & Anal Galaxy, Anal Scorpio, Anal Taurus…the list can be quite exhaustive.

  10. yournutsareshowing

    The best Chevy is the Anal Cavalier. A haughty horseman charging bravely into unknown depths.

  11. How did you Chevy people miss Anal Celebrity?

  12. Or the Ford Anal Escape. Better get the seat protectors.

  13. Pilot is a Honda vehicle over here. Tracker was under the Geo brand. But along with Geo…

    Anal Metro
    Anal Prism
    Anal Storm

  14. Just be careful with the Anal Nova, it can’t make up it’s mind.

  15. Anal Pajero

  16. Nissan:

    Anal Frontier.
    Anal Quest.
    Anal Armada.
    Anal Pathfinder.
    Anal Cube.
    Anal Micra.
    Anal Juke.
    Anal Rogue.
    Anal Titan.

  17. Beatus, give it up man

  18. Why has no one tried Datsun?
    Anal 280Z
    Anal 140XYZ
    Anal 51012.0463 ABC

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