Friday, February 25, 2011


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  1. Boner achieved.

  2. Always thought Devient Art would take my furry porn cherry but nope, the prize goes to Lamebook. Well done I guess 😐

    Can someone pass the brain bleach now?

  3. doctorchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Furries are the worst people on Earth. Worse than paedophiles and the Nazis combined.

  4. *coughs* *coughs some more* *coughs harder* hairball!

  5. I’ll tell you what I hate more than furries, and that’s people who say ‘D’aww’. Except they don’t say it, nobody ever says it, because that would sound retarted. They just type it.

    Maybe I’ll go punch a cat to let out my anger. It’s Thunder’s fault.

    Except it’s Grant’s, but Thunder’s the shitter name.

  6. #47… you’re excused for being blonde- and I had to count up to 10 before typing this.

  7. P.S. I just hate stupid, it brings out the monster in me. I hate stupid and ignorance more than I hate furry Nazis! …the monster’s coming…


  8. oh saffer… you can’t always just google it.. i made that mistake when i got told to google blue waffle…

    i’m still grossed out… and slightly aroused.

  9. saff, I know how much you hate it when someone asks a question that they could easily find the answer to by Googling it, but sometimes, you don’t get the answer. I Googled something Dukey said the other day, and it came up empty. Still freaking wondering…

  10. Yeah, sorry Saffer but I learned my lesson on googling shit on lamebook. I made the mistake of googling “blue waffle” and never again. I will always ask as opposed to google. In addition, I’m attempting to relieve my ignorance by ASKING instead of sitting and stewing in it silently, and if you already know the answer or don’t care too, then just ignore it.
    Oh shit, hpcan, you googled blue waffle too? That was the first and last time I EVER googled something on lmebook.

  11. That’s just me, some people hate diet coke, I hate stupid questions.

    I’m pretty sure that I’ve asked questions before and probably still will for vague references, or conversation starters (like blue waffles).

    The issue is everyday words/terms. The two that brought out my inner hulk recently were: “TL;DR” (an everyday internet word) and “anthropomorphic” (an English word on an English site. They are asked out of laziness to open a new tab and look up the term but expecting the person on the other side to do it instead. Seriously, where’s the logic in waiting hours for a reply you could have looked up yourself?

    and word 59, I know the term you’re referring to,I can’t remember it’s name though- and yeah it took a while to google 🙂 if we’re talking about the same one, it means a mix of lube and faeces

  12. #60 is safe

  13. I made the mistake of Googling 3 Guys, 1 Hammer. The sickest fucking thing ever. Humans at their utter worst. That thing needs to be removed from the internet altogether. None of us needs to have access to a filmed torture and murder of another human being. The internet is so awesome, but it’s so evil, too.

    The term was “unexpected safety-first orgasm”, so I really, really hope it doesn’t mean “a mix of lube and faeces”, saff. Fuck that.

  14. I know what anthropomorphic means, I was just not putting that with the abbreviation, it wasn’t clicking for me, but Dukey fixed that for me. And no worries, I already know tl;dr.

  15. Ok so I had to step in here because these are my characters but this is NOT a screencap of my page at all. This image was stolen and I am horrified to see this show up here. I just had to say something since some of you are finding my DA page and I don’t want to be connected with this at all D: I like drawing anthro chars, but I am not a furry at all. I saw someone above say the person’s name was Thunder Wave, but I tried to search that and couldn’t find them. If anyone can tell me who these people are, I’d really like to know so I can tell them to remove this image from their page please!

  16. 815, there are approximately 10 people going by the name Thunder Wave that I can find on Facebook. I guess you could PM them all if you’re concerned about being connected with these two absolute fucktards (I would be). Good luck.

  17. I think they’re my neighbors .. I’ll go tell them, 815. Hold onto your tail.

  18. Umm…. can someone PLEASE explain to me exactly what a furry is????? I find this whole thing rather disturbing, but it might be because I am such an internet-tard I have no idea what everyone is talking about. At any rate this FB posting is umm.. well icky.

  19. @ tj – Quickly! Check Urban Dictionary before Saffer gets a hold of you!

  20. The only place I’ve ever heard TL;DR is on this site saffer.
    The post above is all the explanation you need. Well actually, these are cyber furrys, real furrys would be in animal costumes.

  21. “Real furrys would be in animal costumes.”


  22. Some real furries wear tails..even when they go into public. True story. Seen that shit with my own eyes.

  23. @71
    I’m pretty sure that’s accurate bub…..don’t tell me you are another one of those ‘Furrys are just regular people!’ guys…

  24. @73

    Nah, they’re definitely not regular people, but only a small minority of furries wear a fursuit. Some of them just believe they have some sort of inner spirit animal or something. While the rest just enjoy it because it’s similar to bestiality.

  25. It’s fine, dogs and cats can’t interbreed. Human race = saved.

  26. Sometimes poaching doesn’t seem like such a bad practice.

  27. Lots of whining fucktards on this thread are just upset that they are not having hot sex whilst acting out insanely weird fantasies. I mean, if they start hitting their local dogs and cats/wolves and …..cougars? to add excitement, there I would draw the line. Also, once they find out how short and ugly real animal sex is compared to their mythical made up pretense; um then nothing they will ignore the hard truth (tiddy boom) and keep doing what they are doing. I would rather see this than a throw up, violence, or scat fetish…

  28. Oh get a KENNEL you two.

  29. crushyourenemies


  30. It’s these kinds of Furries that give us a bad rep… not every Furry is like these disgusting morons (I’m definitely not), I actually thought the picture was really nice… I then saw the comments they’d left and felt sick, why couldn’t they have kept it to themselves? >_<

  31. wow the pic is just yiffarific!! You one time I was a furrie… yeah I played a human trying to play a wolf trying to play a human. I don’t think I got it right…

  32. D:

    I would have immediately unfriended Grant and/or Thunder after reading this garbage.



  34. In bimbo’s defense (I’m WAY late to the fucking party here), dude said ANTRO. Which is not the proper abbreviation for ANTHROpomorphic. Only reason I know what this furry shit is all about is because of Youtube Poop. Certain dude named CommanderGwonam. Dude used to post up like a fraction of a second of furry porn into every single video he ever made, and like some kind of twisted subliminal advertising, I decided to look up the word, “yiff.”

    For further reference, there’s always that episode of CSI titled, “Fur And Loathing,” that explains everything from yiffing, all the way down to, “furpile.”

    And yes, furries are the craziest, most ridiculously subhuman monsters the internet has ever spawned. Fucking furries.

  35. thatfukkenfurry

    @thebonesauce: Is it set in Las Vegas?

    Damn furries throwing their shit all over everything. It’s too bad furry is basically a template fetish, that’s why it gets such a bad rep. Well, that and it’s filled with obsessive retards.

    Also, @hpcan, ‘murring’ is just a corruption of ‘purring’. Just say the word ‘murr’, that’s what it sounds like. Probably just a deeper version of purring, I assume it’s supposed to be more intimate. Fun fact: the word is used equally often to make fun of furries as it is used unironically! See: ‘oh murr’.

  36. Kill them with fire. Please.

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