Monday, November 14, 2011

Get A Helmet

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  1. FAKE!!! No way these people are that ignorant.


    That’s right, Bitches, it’s my first comment and it is first

  2. Somebody give this guy a gold star for being so awesome.^
    Fake or not some people are really like this, trust me I work in retail.

  3. 3RD! GO WILLK!

  4. Where does Sam think weed comes from? Could be he/she is joking. Let’s assume that, to save our faith in humanity.

  5. Codename Dutchess

    If you follow Shaniqua’s sentence structure she’s admitting she gets bad reports ‘coz shes black.’ Her english teacher is just a racist who always gives, apparently.

  6. Yes, I am afraid there are people out there who are MORE ignorant than these fine upstanding examples. I have met some…. and It is like talking into an echo chamber….

  7. I don’t think the englyish teacher hates her… just her name.

  8. Not that Shaniqua puts much thought into her spelling or punctuation, but I am curious how she decided on the two commas’ placement in her post. Maybe her fat fingers simply hit them accidentally. WE’LL NEVER KNOW.

  9. Apparently people are missing the point of the math joke. This website isn’t funny anymore.

  10. Emma is good at math. I wonder if she’s a good driver, too?

  11. Jackie, sweetie, notice the lack of people making fun of S(h)ean specifically.

    Whoever liked her comment is even dumber than Emma…

  12. Give Sam a break. He was high as a kite when he wrote that.

  13. Welcome to Faketown. Population: Sam, Emma and Shaniqua.

  14. Someone already said it, but the math one is a joke. I guess someone didn’t get it. The joke is that they say there’s 3 kinds of people, those that are good at math and those that aren’t, but list only two because they’re supposed to be the kind that’s bad at math. Get it, Lamebook?

  15. everyone gets it babe..

    the joke is that emma, the one who replied, didn’t get it.

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