Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Get It Fixed

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  1. Selena is not representative of most Canadians. This is disappointing to read.

    And just for the hell of it, let me steal some thunder:


    Your move, loser.

  2. Hey look! I’m influencing people! Randy secretly wishes he was powdered. He’s my #2 fan! Second to Ms. T9000 of course. Well here you go Randy. This one is just for you.


  3. I’ll bet most of us Americans wouldn’t even notice these days.

  4. Ironically, her other wrist is tattooed with “dikshunary”…

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  6. I have a theory that tattoo artists the world over are all engaged in a competition to see who can misspell the most words each week without the punter noticing. Extra points given if they’re easy words like ‘cat’ or the punter’s own name.

  7. Black president. Has alot of strenght!

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  10. Working from home with 2 kids – I don’t want to think what sort of cam that is.

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