Friday, August 26, 2011

Gettin’ Blown

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  1. natural disaster. lol

  2. Classy.

  3. Hm. That was my first “first”, and as of right now, 33,333 people ‘like’ lamebook.

  4. hah yay a funny one!

  5. Robert is a douchenozzle. I feel bad for you, Irene.

  6. Robert, come on, Irene was in high school. Give the girl a break. She sucked at giving head because she probably had no idea what she was doing. I’m sure that back then you had no idea what to do when you went down to pussy town. And you probably still don’t.

    By the way, it’s been very quiet around here the last few days. Has everyone packed up and moved to higher ground?

    Take care, east coast Lamebookers.

  7. Come on Irene,
    I swear well he means,
    At this moment,
    You mean everything.
    With you in that dress,
    My thoughts I confess,
    Verge on dirty,
    Oh come on Irene.

    Word, you sly minx, why would you compound this tragedy?

  8. SOUP!!! Well played:) And wordpervert if that’s really you- thanks for thinking of us east coasters!

  9. Ahh, you caught it, Soup. Nothing gets past you, does it?

    Yes, it’s really me, hpcan. I’m a little disheartened that you can’t tell. I can’t comment these days without someone thinking that I’m the fake. Either the fake is doing a good job, or I’m doing a bad one. But anyhow, I do hope that it doesn’t get too nasty over there for you guys.

  10. Only fear, sadness, and herpes, Word. Beyond those, I’m a wall of lead.

    1) This Word speaks the truth. It’s really her. The great and powerful Walter showed us the way. Take a look at the picture box info to figure out who is who.

    2a) Fuck you and your link. I spent an hour watching all of those “Ponderings” videos.

    2b) I apologize for 2a. It actually wasn’t too bad. They would have been perfect as interludes for the Kids in the Hall.

    (3) Is my favorite number so I gave it a hug.

  11. i’ve been in hospital for a while to treat my syphilitic gangrene. upon discharge, i felt strangely disconnected from the gay community and indeed society as a whole. imagine my immense comfort, then, to discover that the deposed aristocracy of lamebook still occasionally convene in threads such as this to reassure each other that, yes, their mediocre jokes are in fact of great comedic merit. thank you for living in the past, guys.

  12. vincent just fucking leave and stop bitching about your gayness

  13. Vincent_Valentine

    you stole my name bitch!

  14. Robert is gay now

  15. Woo and indeed hoo, vincent, Soup and Wordy all in one section, let us mark this momentous occasion by masturbating furiously with a side order of guilt.

    Yes, yes I am afflicted by the effects of alcohol. Who wants a fight? I love you. Fuck off.

  16. they told my family to evacuate because our basement could get flooded. our basement’s been flooded for two years already because i don’t know how to fix a water heater

  17. It’s about damn time lamebook stops being lame

  18. Dawnyal Funk Funk appeared under “people you may know” for me today. I’m not sure why.

  19. Nobody else sees the irony in the use of the word “jeez” in Irene’s reply?

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