Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Giant Buzzkill


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  1. Charming.

  2. but did he die listening to them win? i think thats all that matters.

  3. Listening?

  4. Radio, sixkillerz, radio. People still own them.

  5. Thats not such a bad way to go.

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  6. Maybe it was the car radio, and he should have been paying more attention to the road.

    I want to die in my sleep like my Father did, not screaming in terror like all his passengers (Bob Monkhouse).

  7. In Mother Russia, people do not own radios, radios own you!

  8. Wireless grandad…

    Mary’s a miserable moo.

  9. That would suck to die while listening to your favorite sports team, because then you wouldn’t know who won.

    “The score is 14-13 and the Giants are lining up to kick the go ahead field goal. And here’s the snap, the kick is up, it’s long enough, it’s… ”

    *Fade to black*

  10. @mcowles
    seriously? a mother russia joke? you’re a fucking crab-infested loser.

  11. Man did things just get awkward in here?

  12. He died after David Tyree’s superbowl catch.

  13. Hmm. That’s just odd.

  14. @Mcowles , you hush… not even putting your real name, so that no one knows that you’re making fun of their beloved mcowles, whom they’ve all grown to know and love!

    that wasn’t even me, anyway… I did the second post, ummm, #9. Although I see nothing wrong with a Mother Russia joke every once in awhile, as I haven’t heard one in ages.

    btw, how did you know about my crabs?

  15. Sometimes I wish I cared about the sporting achievements of teams I couldn’t possibly identify with. This is not one of those times.


    In Soviet Russia, crabs know about you!

  16. OMG…is it 1951?

  17. Using the three main themes here, if you put Giant & Crabs into babelfish and translate into Russian then back to English you get…Gigantic Cancer. So I wouldn’t recommend doing that. They should put a health warning on there.

  18. I need some sleep. And a wash.

  19. The lamest thing about it is that they’re all Giants fans.

  20. Awkward.

    Hush @ Jordan.

  21. This is like the 10th post I’ve seen on here where someone has said…’yeah, my (insert family member here) did that right before he died, or my (insert family member here) did that and died…. I don’t think it’s real… Unless a lot of people are dying on facebook and we have to make reference to it ALOT!!

  22. @Mandy

    It’s not like there are only 30 people on Facebook, when there is a social networking site with this many people, a lot of the same references are made. PEOPLE DIE A LOT!!!

  23. @Mandy
    i just die reading your comment

  24. Im going to look for opportunities to use this in facebook for comedy purposes….you know, it’s like when people are joking about WWII and you say “Hey my grandad died in a german prisoner of war camp….” the person says “oh sorry” and I say “he fell out of a guard tower”
    But I had never realised Facebook gives me a multitude of opportunities to pull a similar stunt…

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