Friday, January 14, 2011

Give ’em a Hand

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  1. lamebook, even. not facebook.

  2. C’mon Gentlemen, let us settle this with honour.

    If everybody inserts a lollipop stick into their Japs eye we can stage a series of cock swordfights. Last man ‘standing’ wins.

    I already have my stick in and it’s starting to itch, so if you could all hurry up please?

  3. you guys… it warms my heart to read you!
    C’mon, kiss and make up.

    PS : Lamebook, see what happens when you post something extra crappy?

  4. well shit, you guys were no help… well except vincent.. and blondebimbo..

    i’m still not sure if i should stick a finger up my partners bum or not… maybe i’ll get him drunk first… i guess i can always resort to blumpkins when all else fails.

  5. i’m not trying to be funny. i just simply asked you because in my head, i picture you as an orange. as in the fruit.
    and since NO one has responded to my question regarding fruits, i thought i’d try to figure it out for myself.
    i mean cmon… i’m all for being a prissy bitch a lot (most) of the time, but sometimes you just gotta answer these questions so people know what you’re all about.

    so… would you agree you’re like an orange… or do you have another way around this issue?

  6. Zebras, totally missed your question (kind of glazed over by that point) – I’m going with a pineapple.

  7. Peach.

  8. zebras, i’ll be a pomelo in that case. not to be wilfully obscure, but i just think they’re delicious and interesting.

  9. Damn! I wish I were something exotic… I’m probably more of a cantaloup

  10. I love cantaloup.

  11. I love you too, Walter

  12. I hate to jump in the middle of multiple conversations; just wanted a moment to say that, that Charlie in the post (felt I should remind everyone, since the conversations have ventured far from the status update :P) is me. At least, I think it’s me. I vaguely remember saying it. There’ a chance it’s not me, but it sounds like a douchy comment that I would make.
    Anyway, that’s all I’ll say, except to woefully agree, it’s not a very riveting post. Kind of dull compared to some of the other things I’ve come across on lamebook.

    Oh and @Zebra: guava.

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