Monday, November 30, 2009

Teeny Tiny Wins




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  1. @45 – Jump on the bandwagon! If we don’t tell them they fail, how will they ever find out for themselves?

  2. “You know i like to see you fail and i cannot lie. All you other commenters cannot lie…”

  3. “You know i like to see you fail and i cannot lie. All you other commenters cannot deny…”

  4. *scratch #53

  5. Hijacking the entire thread does nothing for the rest of us just trying to Fight the Boredom!!!!!

  6. Everybody making fun of Tung is not seeing his status in context. It must be remembered that he is 43 years old.

  7. Move over Steve Carell, the former 43 year old virgin is in the house!!!
    *I know it’s wrong to laugh, but alas i cannot stop the laughter!

  8. His name is pronounced “Doom” ha ha and he’s in his 20’s. Lol!

  9. Ok, so I imagined yelling the name “Doom” during sex… yup still funny. Yeah yeah, I’m being ignorant/racist. Whatever.

  10. insert clever name here

    Let me preface by asking anyone other than No1youknow please scroll past so as not to be annoyed by this ongoing ridiculousness.

    @51 Firstly, I imagine you meant “you’re” not “your” unless you meant my “not even sure”. I don’t even know what that means.

    Furthermore, I am not upset. I never was. Telling someone FAIL is not an insult as far as I am concerned. It’s meant to be funny. I hereby extend a blanket apology to anyone to whom I wrote “fail” who saw it as a serious personal insult. You’re on here calling people names and then getting upset and even more insulting when they respond. On previous posts you’ve referred to other commenters as idiots and retards as well as calling me cockbreath and then saying I’m PMSing. Although that doesn’t upset me, because I could care less what someone I don’t even know thinks about me, I think that’s bullshit. No1youknow, fucking relax and don’t take this so personal and stop with the name calling. What are you 5 years old?

  11. @ No1youknow & insert clever name here: If you ladies keep this up we are going to need a swimming pool full of honey for you two to work this out. I’m going to make a few phone calls 😉

  12. Haha. Insane. Diabetic comas all around!!

    Oh yeah, “Tung, talk dirty to me”

    I wonder what he’d say?

  13. @63 that would be the prize for the loser of the tussle. I don’t know about you, but i love watching women wrestle in honey.

  14. I have an idea how about instead some individuals, I will not name name’s so as to not cause undue personal offense, should just get off the public forums if they can not handle other peoples comments. Clearly, most of the original comments were to be jokes, but somewhere it all got too hard using only words and not other forms of communication necessities and having more than one person involved and emotions took over. Why join in the fun of insulting people you do not know, for things they probably should not have done, if it is only to become as stupid public battle for everyone to witness, and then “real” people, whom you still do not know, possibly becoming upset, all over a stupid misunderstanding. Some would like to just leave it be, some would like to continue, but I would like (for once) witness semi-intelligent comments instead of some stupid 13yr bitch fights.

  15. A 13 yr bitch fight would be a HELLUVA fight.

  16. Still, it’s a good idea to do it in HONEY.

  17. Pooh’s caught in the honey pooter again.
    Silly old bear.

  18. @Anitalaff: I never, ever thought i would say this. I am so fucking jealous of Pooh Bear right now!!!

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