Monday, April 27, 2009

God & B-Ball


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  1. Why is this lame? Because he mentions god? I mean, I’m as much against bible thumping as the next person, but honestly.. I think I’m missing the lame here.. its not like “god” is every third word.

  2. reeedins fer suxers

    I want to know what classes require neither reading nor homework. I assume even basket waving has some text guidelines. This guy is totes making the most of college!

  3. not that lame…

  4. Huh huh! Skipping classes, dude! Huh huh!

  5. There are loads of college classes that require little to no reading or homework.. hence the term ‘bird course’.. I have taken a few.

    I see a little bit of lame in the skipping classes “interest”, but I’m still not seeing the shine of lame on this one.. there are many more that are worse.. like the “ratcoon” or “rode” ones.

  6. Going out on a limb here, but I think this is referring to the (slight) contradiction in the whole tone. I presume that someone who lists God first and foremost is not the type to shirk his/her responsibilities, let alone brag about it. After all, would Jesus skip class, even if he were required to read a chapter or two?

  7. Of course, Jesus wasn’t known for his sweet hoops skills or for giving out autographs, so maybe this guy thinks that he’s exempt from the normal rules and simply allowed to come off sounding like a douche?

  8. Dream on


  10. Seems to me that “putting God first” and being an arrogant prick don’t really go together.

  11. Oh, but don’t they Daniel? Don’t they?

  12. Nobody wants your autograph, college ball player. God says you should be more humble.

  13. The lame is the fact this guy is a bible basher and then sounds as if he is a complete waste of oxygen from the rest of it. He starts odd sounding decidedly uncool by mentioning his love of religion then tries to look hardcore.


  14. Fail to see the lame. Clearly the editors are anti-religious. Don’t see any posts making fun of people for being Buddhist. Hmm…keep your biases out of these posts, please.

  15. @Mickey2315
    The person is lame…just not exceptionally lame.

  16. Really, Mickey? Playing the Christian victim card? It’s lame because he talks about being a good Christian, then proceeds to list just about every single item a good Christian should NOT be (according to the faith).

    1. Winning natl championships/signing t-shirts (pride)
    2. Living the sweet life (charity)
    3. Taking classes that require no effort to pass (personal responsibility)


  17. Put god first? Why, if it exists he never once puts you first.

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