Monday, April 22, 2013

God Bless This Confession

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  1. Those confessions stories are always hilarious, but seldom true.

  2. Wow, this person is an idiot. That makes you bi, not gay…

  3. Assuming they are female that is.

  4. Illinois State’s dorms are co-ed – it’s probably a guy.

  5. Why would a religious girl even have a boyfriend? Aren’t they a close equivalent of a nun? Isn’t their boyfriend supposed to be Jesus? !?

  6. Zatknis has a point. Hardcore evangelicals don’t date; they ‘court’. And they don’t call them boyfriends, but ‘suitors’. As for this post, I think it’s BS. Who in the hell uses that phrase these days besides the Westboro freaks?

  7. Fake.

  8. The God fearing boyfriend is Steeeverr.

  9. #5 You don’t seriously expect religious people to make sense do you? I mean essentially people who are religious suffer from a similar psychosis to schizophrenia. Religion effects the same parts of the brain in the same way as schizophrenia.

  10. hannibal-lecture

    This could have happened, but it probably didn’t!

  11. If Americans just did things instead of proceeding to do them they’d save a lot of time.

  12. Lamebook should really have standards. No one says “god hates fags” except the 40 members of westboro church. This never happened to this guy, he made it up.

  13. Yeah, I doubt the Westboro crowd lets their followers go to ISU, much less stay in a coed dorm. The irony with these types of fake posts is that they are advancing hate based on stereotypes of the other side (the same behavior we find distasteful in bigots). If you have to make up shocking things to prove your point, you are doing a disservice to your cause.

  14. Is that phrase copyrighted by the Westboro crazies now? So… nobody outside of that compound believes in God and calls people fags? I’m queer and have heard some very ugly things. God hates fags is something really easy to say, and it’s very especially hurtful to the glbt people that hear it that also are religious. It’s not like westboro was the first or last to say it. It’s a sharp knife, and people will use it.

  15. So, assuming it is real, it is wrong for the girl to be so judgmental (which I agree, no one is less worthy of God’s love than me and, many are much more deserving), but it isn’t wrong for him to be the, uh, the male word for mistress? And he’s proud of it?
    He is just as callous and hate filled as she is.

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