Tuesday, September 29, 2009

God Bless You Please, Mrs. Robinson

Mrs Robinson

Mrs Robinson

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  1. And this, people, is why rednecks should not be allowed to reproduce without a licence.

  2. pure drama and i thought my life was fucked up!!!!!!!!!!!! thank goodness there worse people out there..

  3. amen to that rodney….mine seems normal compared to this…

  4. I fucking love soap operas.

  5. Jason Monster Fail

    The lamebook entry was taken down, but the whole discussion has been saved and posted on a facebook page –

  6. Girls are irrational.

    Yeah, I’m sooo irrational when I don’t want my 40 year old step mom to date my ex-boyfriend.

  7. AA Chapter and verse, please.

  8. i would like the location of this trailer park so i can physically spectate this….

  9. What a fcuked up Cougar

  10. Wooo this is a classic

  11. Love it! By the way, it is not cool that the step mom dated him no matter what or how long Kayla and him had split… she has no class and its kinda weird!

  12. ooh the suspense, surely there’s a round 2!

    (sick as the stepmother is, but that we all want to know more, does that make us slightly sick too?)

  13. Scott that’s fucked up comment is ftw.

  14. OMG, Cry me a river!! Get over it!!

  15. Oh the entertainment in other people’s twisted lives.
    By far better than any soap opera I have seen!
    Agree with #21.

  16. […] Here’s my favorite: Lamebook » God Bless You Please, Mrs. Robinson. […]

  17. How dare you all laugh at this you dooshbags.

  18. Bree-how are they all “dOOshbags”?

  19. Well, to give the cougar credit, if a 22 y/o stud wants to mount that mare, then she must be hot!

  20. Lolita September 29th, 2009 at 7:05 pm
    Why is it that white trash types can’t spell? Or use proper grammar?
    ———— non white-trash correction ——————–

    Why cannot white trash types spell or use proper grammar?


    I do not know Lolita; why can’t you?

    Well lets see your correction isnt perfect either… As an english major I will say with plenty of confidence that grammar only applies to the rules of how one writes. That being said, the clearest way of saying this would be:
    “Why can White Trash Types not spell or use proper grammar?” but proper grammar doesnt exist so just stfu…

  21. Wow that cougar is CLUELESS!!! She was obviously hurting her daughter by not telling her, AND hiding behind God (which she clearly did….

    I am sad that the saga is over cuz there is no way it got any less lame after that!!!

  22. OMG this iS fucking GREAT!!!!!!!!! I want MORE

  23. @Tristan: I agree.

    Btw, is it still so shady and wrong, if the cougar and the stud are actually in love? It sounds like they’ve been going out (or at least at it) for months. It’s not just something that happened one night, as far as I can tell.

    Yeah, this really needs an update. Best lamebook story ever!

  24. Jerry Jerry Jerry!!

  25. OK, I have to say it… this is clearly the single most entertaining episode of the Jerry Springer show that was never filmed!

    That being said, I truly wish that there was a very special place in hell for people that leave that incredibly epic of a conversation to die on facebook like that without so much as telling all of their loyal viewers that they were going off the air on short notice!

    If they had just told us, we would’ve went to get nacho’s and beer and come back for act two… but nooooo! No consideration for the little viewers, no sir-ree bob!

  26. I judge ’em all. Fecking sluts. Seth puts out too. LOL!

  27. Best thing ever.

  28. Jax, I also got my glass of wine, and settled comfortably in front of my computer. such entertainment!

  29. hehe i always thought this stuff only happens in soap operas XD

  30. Damn it. Thanks to Lamebook I have an irrepressible urge to listen to Simon and Garfunkel… although, I guess that’s not a bad thing.

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