Monday, November 2, 2009

God Squad


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  1. God, Jesus, Baby Jesus, Daddy God – all very much overrated. Who says (or what says) God/Jesus – and the like – is male! How sexist. He could be a she and could be sick of fixing all the shit that happens. As a very PROUD ATHEIST I am so over the bullshit of religion and applaud the comments with ‘comic’ abundance. You cannot mention anything about religion without having an argument. Worse still, if you are an atheist – you are the worst in the world and Satan will eat you up like a nice hamburger. Awesome. If I can’t go to heaven because I use the ‘lords name in vain’ or some shit then fuck it, I am going to hell! It’s better there I hear. Oh, and my PC needs fixing.

  2. We are the retarded offspring of five monkeys having butt-sex with a fish-squirrell.

  3. squirrel*.

  4. lolololol ‘thank you daddy god’ what does that even mean!

  5. What most people forget to think about is that the belief in God is something that happens for each individual person in different ways, just because you don’t understand doesn’t mean that they are the ones that are stupid. Also, God has given each of us an ability to make the world a better place in his name, if there are starving children then we aren’t doing our part; a relationship is give and take.

    In the end people are going to believe whatever they choose to believe, to have an argument about it is folly. When we die we will know what was the truth all along.

  6. No, what people forget to think about is that God is an imaginary being for whose existence there is not one single shred of tangible evidence. Not. One. Shred.

    And if, somehow, I’m wrong and He *is* real, He’s got some pretty weird priorities.

    Just sayin’

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