Thursday, September 22, 2011


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  1. First of all, it’s “20/15”, not “15/20”. Secondly, 86 likes on something that lackluster? Right.

  2. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    83 likes, Tofu. You not 20/20 are ya?

  3. 83 + the three names they blurred out = 86.

  4. I bet you thought tofu and stoma are arguing. Nope. CHUCK TESTA!

  5. I once got an E-mail from God… He told me to wank off over a photo of a dead horse and asked me if I could lend £20,000.00 to a deposed African King, who would pay me back once his funds in Europe cleared.

  6. That could be four blurred out names

  7. Please! Everyone stop arguing! I don’t understand. I come here to get a chuckle over the FB entries, trade a few comments about them, and generally spend some quality time with good friends. Why do people come here and not even talk about the actual content, which seems to consist almost entirely of ribaldry and pensises? Perhaps a cunt here and there.

  8. BECAUSE, chucho…It’s very important to flatter the own ego. xD

    Who’s your “good friend” here, anyway? If you really wanna spend some “quality time” with FRIENS, I suggest you turn of your computer and go SPEND SOME QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR FRIENDS. If you know what I mean, buddy.

    I like the content from above, by the way.

  9. @ ussi


  10. CHUCHO, it’s pretty much Imamofo’s thing. Apparently this is his second incarnation because (I assume) the first became too riddled with venereal disease to function.

    Also, WTF is up with Chuck Testa? Is this a thing now?

  11. Chuck Testa? Really?
    @lexluther apparently it is a thing now? I don’t know.

  12. I am also unaware of what Chuck Testa is.

  13. I googled it, reddit and youtubed it, and now I understand that Chuck Testa is indeed a thing. It’s an infant meme, less than 2 weeks old. Aww, cute.

  14. I bet you thought that deer skull wouldn’t have fresh brains in it. Nope!

  15. lmfao.

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