Thursday, January 26, 2012

Going Public

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  1. Her arse looks like cheese being sliced with cheese wire.

    Incidentally, first.

  2. Hi fellow losers/basement dwellers/foreveraloners/degenarates/unfunny trolls/inbreds (or combination of any). How’s everyone doing?

    Also,not first.

  3. the last one is really old. seen it like 5 years ago.

  4. Someone should really think about taking the pulse of the lady in the first pic.

  5. Paint_my_nails_please

    trippinn, you are right that it is old. That restaurant is here in my town. Well, it was, closed a while back.

  6. Sound as a pound. Mrs Miggins Chinese Buffet.

  7. Lol at deviant… Looks like rigamortis has well and truly set in.
    Also, damn that girl got some back yo. Mmmhmm chaniqua be all that.

  8. So she’s dead tired? What’s wrong with that?

    It looks like Chaniqua is gripping the pole with her cheeks to prevent from falling over. If she can actually do that, then she has some strong muscles back there.

    #3 is just saving on shipping costs. Win if you ask me. Most people don’t know that they’ve probably eaten cat. I know I have, and it was some of the best chicken I’ve ever tasted.

  9. I once traced the chicken I ate in a chinese restaurant back to source.
    I got the microchip stuck in my teeth.

  10. That’s how they clean those things so clean and shiny! Lady sure can wax a pole, kna-mean?

  11. I have one thing to say. “Testicles.” That is all.

  12. Hottentot Venus

  13. #1, probably should poke it with a stick

  14. Bitch ass pole grab

  15. Okay, how the hell can u do that, in public, and be comfortable, in the sense that u don’t mind peoples looks or that there’s a pole wedged in between ur cheeks??

  16. The second pic. is Baltimore in a nutshell – disgusting!

  17. I don’t want to burst your bubble buttttt….. I think that booty subway picture is from somewhere in Asia, not Baltimore. B’more’s metro doesn’t look like that and all the other people seem to be Asian.

  18. The metro pic is from unsuck DC metro’s site. Baltimore’s public transportation system doesn’t look like that. I doubt anyone who has actually been to the city would make the mistake of confusing the two.

  19. Paranoid Android72

    Try as I might, I am failing to find the ‘funny’ in these offerings, ‘lame’ is in abundance however…

  20. ^sweet fucking hell! you DID NOT just complain on here did you? I just got attacked by the Beige Macrame Club of Boring Slags for not just fucking loving everypeachy-keenthing.

    You know when you go to someone’s house and they have these annoying little yapping ratdogs and you’re not allowed to kick them or anything? Yeah well, it felt like that. Sucked balls.

  21. I know #2. Best anal I’ve ever had.

  22. The metro pic is from unsuck DC metro’s site. Baltimore’s public transportation system doesn’t look like th BANG!!!!!!!

  23. it’s amazing this bitch is like cancer…

  24. Paranoid Android72

    MsAnneThrope, I love you and the bitterness which seeps from your every orifice. Don’t care if you are male or female, sexual ambiguity is doing it for me these days.

    On reflection, these photos are still shit.

  25. watch me pull that stick out of DurtAyLownDre’s ass and face-fuck her with the shitty end.

  26. DurtAyLownDre, I’m going to need you to explain what your name means. Because you couldn’t possibly mean Dirty Laundry… could you?

  27. She’s busy petting her puppy, Bacchante.

  28. Ah, thanks beatus. At the LownDreMat with all the other classy puppy petters?

  29. Most likely.

  30. The last picture is played out and overrated.

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