Thursday, February 21, 2013

Good Advice

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  1. First, the best!

  2. Obama is more of a pitcher than a catcher.

  3. Bazinga !!!

  4. lamebook continually posts this kind of shit as if we’re going to read the original post and be left wondering what the reply will be. too predictable to be funny.

  5. beatus, that’s what God invented roofies for…

  6. Slip a roofie in his burger…

  7. Maybe you can slip it into his brownie …

  8. Hot.

  9. #6 That’s not how you play surprise burger. Your supposed to make a whole plate of cheeseburgers with only one having a tab of acid slipped under the cheese.

  10. Monica tried to pull this bullshit already…look where that got her?

  11. #9 – Sounds like fun, but my comment was more about Michelle’s public disdain for any food typically characterized as “unhealthy American food,” and Barack’s love for that stuff.

  12. #11 surprise burger is very healthy for at least one person as they go on a trip and get plenty of excercise along the way.

  13. Wouldn’t mind a little lucy myself…I took a bunch of dronabinol a couple weeks ago and forgot I took them….Imagine starting to realize your in a public setting feeling really, really stoned and not being able to figure out why, because you hadn’t smoked anything that day. It really is a strange feeling.

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