Friday, December 19, 2014

Good Guy Stormtroopers

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  1. The Beast Among Us

    Huh. I wonder why she gets bullied in school…

  2. I can guarantee that the guys in the Storm Trooper outfits were bullied too.

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  4. ^^Steph, no one is going to be falling for this shit. Try an AARP message board, old people with their “laptops” are suckers.

    And seriously Lamebook, this is alls we gets today?

  5. Newsflash you two. It doesn’t matter if they’re “weird”, geeks, nerds, whatever. Considering that people who are tall, drop dead gorgeous, with great personalities and seemingly no “flaws” (By society’s standards) get bullied, I don’t think bullies give a shit who they target. They probably prioritize easier looking targets, but in the end, bullies will bully anyone. Hell, people in groups for safety get ganged and jumped, so there’s more proof. Nice attempt at a jab at people who are different from you, though, and kids no less.

    Before anyone says it, yes I realize this website is not really the place to expect maturity or kindness, but maybe you learned something you didn’t already know. Or maybe you give no fucks. If the latter, sorry I wasted your time. And yes, I was bulliedif you’re assuming. Nice person, minded my own business, never tried to start shit. Just quiet, weird, short, geeky, chubby, and acne prone, despite a lot of middle and highschoolers having those same awkward phases from puberty. So essentially, despite me not doing anything to warrant it, I was just from being ugly to some.

  6. This website is not really the place to expect maturity or kindness.

  7. He indeed is too short to be a Storm Trooper.

  8. Why would stormtroppers be escorting Princess Leia while she’s armed? Fuck bullies, though. Fuck them right in their stupid mouths. mmmm

  9. What, still no ‘would bang’ comments? I’m disappointed in you Internet.

  10. Yesssss@ssssssssss

  11. 6. Learn to read..

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