Thursday, April 4, 2013

Good Plan

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  1. Only an idiot believes in astrology, or a aquarian.

  2. ^ *an
    Astrology is fascist. I do like this girl’s planning, though. Any foresight into having a child seems to be a far stretch for today’s youth. ..Breeders: producing Wal Mart babies daily.

  3. maybe she shouldn’t reproduce if she bases conception on star signs?

  4. She should be grateful to just conceive and have a healthy baby, which is more than some people can do.

  5. I agree with lilybels on both comments.

  6. I agree with sticking my whole arm up your asshole. Like?

  7. damn..i must b outta touch..i thought I was gonna c a bunch of comments saying “wtf is this bitch tlkn about”??

  8. Capricorns suck like no other. You want a good sucking, go with a Capricorn.

  9. Only if you plan on being raped, Mary. Beatus, I’m going to have to agree with you, but add, that a good Scorpio knows how to get down, too.

  10. hannibal-lecture

    she should try asstrology instead

  11. Agreed, Capn.

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