Thursday, September 5, 2013

Good Riddance

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  1. Surprized it too so long!

  2. Why don’t all incarcerated people follow his lead.

  3. Not all of them, but those with moral turpitude would do everyone a favor if they followed his lead.

  4. Not sure what turpitude is.. But it sounds good.
    If kidnapping, raping and keeping people locked in your basement is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

  5. Wasn’t Ariel Castro on suicide watch?
    What the fuck were they doing while he was attempting to hang himself?

  6. ^he wasn’t on suicide watch, he was in protective custody and they were checking on him in half hour increments. that gave him plenty of time.

  7. The only sad thing about this is that he wasn’t sentenced to death from the start, the way all rapists and pedophiles should be.

    Every last single one should be slowly tortured to death. In painful, humiliating ways that ends with half starved rabies infected rats shoved up their anus.

    Once you commit rape you’re no longer a member of the human race. You are lower than bacteria and the world is better off without you.

  8. jamisings, while I feel no pity for the death of this man, I do feel a great deal of revulsion for the level of glee you display for the torment of another human being, no matter how low they are. You are appalling.

  9. It’s good that he is dead and can no longer hurt anyone. But I would have liked him to have suffered a great deal more. This coward took the easy way out. His victims suffered in his prison far longer.

  10. Nobody is appalling, Rattus… except this idiot who just did everyone a favor. Crime affects everyone in a different manner. I imagine that if one of those girls had been my sister, my daughter, or someone I really cared about, I would like to be part of the group that inflicts pain and torture on this bastard.

  11. When someone does commits the crime that he did, it shows that their brain has reverted to an animal and/or reptilian state. Therefore, such a creature is inhuman, and no longer a functioning member of society and is better off dead, no matter how that may come about.

    This creature suffered faaaaarrrrr less than his victims. Think about where you were 10 years ago…really think about it for a moment. Now imagine from then, alllllll the way up until now, you were being raped and tortured. I shudder to think.

    In chimpanzee society, when a chimp commits a heinous crime, the other chimps either drive it off…or kill it. The world is better off with one less human turd.

  12. velocirrober, in my opinion, being equally as vicious and venal as those one wishes to see suffer does not make one any better a person. And I say this as a person who has lost partial hearing to a paternal beating, had a rib broken due to a maternal beating, been deflowered involuntarily at the age of twelve by two rapists whilst on the way home from choir practice, and had unfortunately ongoing and unwanted contact with a pedophile during my childhood. And I don’t wish to torture any of those people. A court trial and conviction, yes. Torture, no – I am not a fucking animal.

  13. oh my goodness haha that’s my comment! I’m officially a z-list Internet celebrity, this is going on my résumé for sure.

  14. Meh.

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