Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gotta Stay Fresh

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  1. More to the point, why are you wearing that silly hat in the bathroom.

  2. Nice shower curtain ‘g’

  3. I’ve said it before: one is not allowed to use Facebook if one is under the age of 13.

  4. Is that a candle on your toilet, G?

  5. Confucius says “He who stands on toilet seat is high on pot.”

  6. I’m gonna find this kid and…

  7. So, I wonder what all the people of this ilk will look like in about 40 years.

  8. I’m going to hire Steven Seagal to kick this kid’s ass.

  9. ^”i don’t think you have the balls” – steven seagal in the onion movie.

  10. Rabbit foot around your neck? G status promoted to OG status.

  11. Stupid fucking idiots.

  12. I got so much swag Imma stand on this toilet in this questionably decorated bathroom (which is truth is likely just my mother’s) and take selfies while wearing anklet socks, this douchey hat and yanking on this oversized chain around my neck.

  13. I hate you. And your “swaqq”

  14. So to sum up this thread, we got a unique og white boy swaggin’ it up, taking self shots on the toilet in his mama’s trailer? I like how his socks show off how much he’s curling his toes around the lid to maintain balance. I wouldn’t question it too much. Infact I encourage niggas like that to do it more often. At least then it increases his chances of the seat slipping just enough to cause him to slip and fall. Maybe, just maybe, then he might knock some sense into his lil’ ghetto ass.

  15. Oh what a cunt. This sort of bullshit needs to stop, it’s fucking ruining the youth of today.

  16. “Its swaqq” reads as “it’s wack.” I think it works in this context.

  17. Awww.. was going to make fun of him, but that was already thouroughly done… come on, give him a break, little kid trying to be attractive, not yet knowing how (obviously…)
    How-to isn’t easy for boys (especially when too young to developed any muscle), cut him some slack, kid is probably 11 or so xD … bit like 5 yr old girl dressing up as grown-up, trying on mum’s lipstick without having any idea how to wear it…

  18. #8 – Why would you need to hire a martial arts expert to kick this kid’s ass? Just do it yourself.

  19. I’m sure we all know that the real reason he’s standing on the toilet is so that his cute little ankle socks could show, too.
    You aint fresh to deff unless you got dem bad boys g.

    Also, if I squint my eyes, I can imagine him with a skirt.
    Shorts should not be able to show that, how sad.

  20. He’s standing on the toilet cuz Mom bought him a Family Dollar camera with no flash.

  21. There needs to be an amendment in the Constitution to shoot anyone who poses a likely threat to the gene pool…..

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