Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Grace Shows No Grace


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  1. lame-o… WOO FIRST!

  2. This is what happens when you fail to move out of your hometown after graduation.

  3. “Don’t forget to take your purse with you?” Thanks Mom, I almost forgot I was retarded.

  4. What. The. Fuck? I genuinely don’t understand what happened at the end of that, and I’m intelligent.

  5. This sounds like an episode of Sex and the City on meth. Taking aim at lousy advertising

  6. I guess Karoleanne (WTF with the crazy names?) has dated our loser friend Martin before. Most likely a cheapo, clingy, pussy dude.

  7. Karoleanne was saying to bring your purse because he’s cheap and won’t pay.

  8. i never understand why people keep their EXES in their facebook friendslist.

    this goes both for martyn and karoleanne…

    oh, and i don’t understand why someone would bother checking their ex’s status update and then go to the trouble of leaving a comment… then leaving ANOTHER comment when the first one gets deleted, and actually MENTIONING that the first message was deleted.

    yeah, i guess these are all the reasons why this stuff ended up on lamebook in the first place.

  9. I agree, okay, Karoleanne is an obsessive bint. Her name makes her easy to find on FB and she’s not a teenager, she looks old enough to know better.

    How does a person earn the nickname ‘Prostate man’ anyway?

  10. Can you imagine if they got married? No matter how elegant and formal the invitation, it would still have the names Martyn and Karoleanne engraved on it. Ew.

  11. lol @ comment above – truth

  12. Agreed with #8. If Martyn is deleting comments from his ex, what’s the point of even having her as his Facebook friend?

  13. @#8 & 10: ever have to explain to someone why you removed them from your friends list? Easier to just hide everything from them.

    This should explain a lot: They’re old! (The strange name spelling, reference to prostate, reminder to bring purse, etc…)

    Ratcoon: Say goodnight Grace.
    Grace: Goodnight Grace.

  14. Old people on facebook.


  15. Feck!




  16. I’m thinking Karoleanee is this latest ”con-artist’ female he fell for. That would explain why he hasn’t deleted her yet… because its only a recent development.

  17. Grace doesn’t reply to Martyn’s love confession. She’s more interested in being catty with Karoleanne (what a douche name.)

    Oh, Martyn.

  18. Karoleanne no longer has either other member of the conversation amongst her 20-odd friends.

  19. @mem
    You don’t want to know my friend…you really don’t.

  20. Is Prostrate Man a superhero?

  21. @Pennybrownpenny
    Oh yeah. And with some very special super powers.

  22. @Boz, love the Father Jack reference! Spotted by an American, no less!!

  23. Feck is a word we use in Ireland, got nothing to do with Father Ted. Unless you’re just talking about Boz’s comment

  24. Prostate Man is a superhero. He defeats his enemies by pumping goo all over them. But if he swells up then he can easily be overpowered.

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