Tuesday, August 20, 2013


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  2. That argument makes no sense unless everyone is bisexual. Gender matters to most of us, and there’s nothing shallow or sad about it.

  3. Paranoid Android72

    The words ‘oh burn’ are the reason why I detest American culture. That and their foreign policy, obesity, false sincerity, bastardization of the English language, ‘praise the Lord’ platitudes and Donald Trump.

    I should probably stop drinking now.

  4. Yes, but you see, nobody actually talks like that. The story that was retold in that attention-seeking FB post didn’t happen. It was completely made up. Just like all the American TV that you can’t stop watching because your homegrown productions look like grade-school plays in comparison.

    Now go back to your bottle, since there’s nothing else to do on your shit-stained, inbred island, and keep your xenophobic bullshit to yourself.

  5. I’m calling bullshit.

    This story has been seen all over the place for ages.

  6. It can’t be true unless Granny is senile, she would know that hitting someone with a fly swatter won’t burn them.

  7. Can’t we all just get along?

    I’ve never actually met anyone from Spain. Do they complain about the way Mexicans speak Spanish as much as people from England do about the way people from the U.S. speak English?

    For what it’s worth, there are things called “dialects”. My eye twitches just as much when I hear “yous guys” as it does when I hear “something” pronounced “somefink”.

  8. How have Americans bastardized the English language? Because we don’t say “loo” or “mum”?

    And try reading some of Shakespeare’s original texts. Apparently the English bastardized it first because nobody talks like that.

  9. Paranoid Android72

    Meh but Donald fucking Trump?

  10. Granny is clearly telling her granddaughter to go burn in hell. Then she swatted auntie for raising a defective child.

  11. Also, I believe Paranoid Android is engaging in that quaint English custom of ‘taking the piss’. You seppos shouldn’t take it so personally.

  12. It’s Adam and Steve, not Adam and Eve! Goddamnit!

  13. ^^^ It’s actually Adam and Steeveeerrrrrr!

  14. I actually think there’s a chance this may have happened. A lot of old folks sit around and watch whatever reruns of shows they come across. If this grandma is a fan of That 70’s Show, she would be aware of the correct usage of “BURN!”

  15. Remember, kids: If you’re a xenophobic Yank, you’re
    an “Ugly American”. But if your a xenophobic Brit, you’re just “taking the piss!” Tee hee!

    Trump is a dipshit, no argument here.

  16. Paranoid Android72

    Xenophobic? Moi?

  17. #4 The word is tyre not tire.

  18. ^Not if it’s using it as a synonym for ‘bore’.. which is very likely.

  19. Eat shyt, Frankenfuck.

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  21. BorderlineDane

    I want a flyswatter

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