Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Grenadine Girl

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  1. Stupid Americunnnns!

  2. Give the size of the bottle most bars would have that was probably closer to 2000 calories.

  3. Grenadine is hard to find sometimes, so no wonder she scoffed it.

  4. That joke is older than your mom!

  5. She probably worked off those 600 calories in the toilets later that night.

    God know how much protein she consumed though….

  6. #3 I don’t know if you’re ‘murrican but I see it at Target all the time.

  7. Grenadine is neither fancy nor a cordial. It’s a syrup, and likely the most common one you can find (hence being worth only a couple of dollars per bottle). I’m more worried about a bar/nightclub that can’t properly identify basic cocktail ingredients over what some moronic drunk girl did.

  8. Thank god Grenadine isn’t an alcoholic!

  9. “mouth area”

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