Monday, June 24, 2013

Grilling Outside the Box

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  1. Ben!

  2. I’m not mad at that at all.

  3. This photo has been all over, who’s moderating this page? Remember when this page was funny?

  4. how can anyone thumbsdown this? mmmm..grilled meat!

  5. enjoy your aluminum poisoning

  6. ^ Those carts aren’t aluminum, but the chrome paint does come off when heated. So, yeah, still eating poison.

  7. Paranoid Android72

    Anybody who

  8. Paranoid Android72

    Anybody who eats that must be off their trolley.


  9. Paranoid Android72

    Fucking phone.

  10. The shopping cart-BBQ ensemble reminds me of Jackass.

  11. This really pisses me off. It isn’t funny. The fucking cunt is destroying somebody else’s property because he’s a lazy, irresponsible moron.

    It’s like, ‘I needed a paperweight so I took a sledgehammer to my neighbours house and helped myself to a couple bricks. I am ‘off the chain'”


    I wish I saw that. I would pick up that trolley and slam it over that moron’s head and then return it and get a free coin.

  12. I knew that photo back when it was just an email forward.

  13. a homeless guy could have rubbed his ass all over that cart

  14. ^ Why homeless? As long as they had an ass, anyone could have done it.

  15. And yeah, beatus… I thought the same thing. Just like when I was a kid and used to eat with pewter stuff.

  16. Yep Beatus you speak for many of us. My first thought was wow that coating is going to be really bad for them. My second thought was more along the lines of good I hope they die from it since I can’t be there in person to stab them.

  17. Why was there a shopping cart in the vicinity to begin with?

  18. That well reminds me of my seventh wife…

    Seven pieces of meat couldn’t fill her gaping hole either.

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  20. So tacky.

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