Wednesday, January 20, 2010


More info on Haiti Relief & Development Fund Here.

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  1. First

  2. That’s pretty dumb. I mean I don’t have time to always watch the news myself, but this… C’mon people?! 75k and counting, it’s horrifying!

  3. Yeah Pollito, wtf? Where have you been?
    also, wtf kind of name is Pollito?

  4. @Remo: Pollito is chicken in Spanish… his name is Ivan, he’s probably her boyfriend or son.

  5. Pollito? Has he been living under a rock?
    @ Anonanus: Estimated death toll is 200,000. Holy shiiiiit!

    Each time I look up a name on Facebook from a name on Lamebook that sounds very unusual, I search it. Then, 500 results come up. ACK! My American ignorance is hard to use sometimes.

  6. I suspect that Pollito would only be aware of Haiti’s problems if some celebrity or other had been caught in the earthquake. Never underestimate the apathy of the youth of today.

  7. haha harbor and victoria, thats in my city. dear lord he lives near me. and its the Tahiti Inn. hes confused.

  8. wtf? My comment didn’t post

  9. nikkithy that is hilarious. That Pollito mistook Haiti for Tahiti makes it so much funnier.

  10. LOL 😀

    DID YOU KNOW?: 25% of students in North America don’t know who Adolf Hitler was!

  11. haha yep, its definitely Tahiti.. hes a smart one!

  12. DID YOU KNOW?: %76 of statistics are made up on the spot!

    …. I know, because I just made that number up.

  13. oh shoot that didnt work.. take my word for it

  14. My God @nikkithy. Pollito lives near you. You must leave town… now. Don’t pack. Just leave.

  15. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Something happened to the Tahiti Inn?!?!?

  16. Ignorant.

  17. okay, you’d have to live under a rock to not know about Haiti by now.

  18. We can’t be in their shoes, they don’t have shoes.

    Oh god, let me cry about this place and donate money so they can rebuild their shantytowns and then forget about them in a few months.

    They see me lootin, they Haitian.

  19. Nope, I’m pretty sure I live under a rock and I know about it.

  20. Wow…the anger in me…it boils.

  21. They have shoes?

  22. LOL @ mixmasterteapot

  23. what a dumbass

  24. jessica is the dumbass. people in haiti dont HAVE shoes…

  25. insert clever name here

    Pollito actually means “little chicken”; a term of endearment which Ivan chose to make his Facebook name. That and his rampant ignorance makes Ivan epically lame.

  26. insert clever name here

    p.s. Is “epically” a word?

  27. SO very happy they put this up.

  28. @Jonas
    LOL to your whole post.

  29. how can anyone NOT know about Haiti nowadays? especially someone who is on the internet? Guess he’s online only for FB and porn

  30. Not to defend Pollito, but this screen shot may have been taken just a few hours after the earthquake hit and it just got posted.

    Still hilarious that he got the country of Haiti confused with the Tahiti Inn lol

  31. @Carlo: I’d say for the porn.

  32. I’d say that there are some seriously fucked up people if they feel the need to make light of the Haiti situation. Thousands dead, millions homeless and you think you’re fucking hilarious joking about their lack of shoes and rebuilding shanty towns. Taking the piss out of dumbass FB fails is one thing. Belittling desperate people a whole lot less fortunate than yourself is just sad, pathetic and LAME. Stick to commenting about things you understand. Doesn’t leave much.

  33. @ Amanda

    You’re being too kind
    Pollito doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt on this one

  34. Tbh I didn’t know about the earthquake in Haiti until I saw a related post in Lamebook or Sickipeida, can’t remember wnich, but if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t have heard of it until after the football match on tv last night. So I can forgive Pollito.

  35. @ TheDonMega12 – umm the earthquake happened on the 12th…how long was that football match?

  36. @ Spanka

    Now that’s funny

  37. @insert clever name here: Either that or ‘little chick’, pollo (the non-diminutive term) can mean chicken (the food) or chick (baby chicken).

  38. This is both pathetic and offensive.

  39. What’s pathetic and offensive? The fact that some 16 year old is too wrapped up in school and himself to know that Haiti had an earthquake?

    Pfft, if you don’t watch much tv and your friends don’t mention it in conversation, then how do you find it out?

    I never look down on people for not knowing something about the world because you can’t know the reason. I’ve had “off weeks” where I just go to work, go home and play a video game or sleep and don’t really interact with the world.

    Ivan, I forgive you… I don’t think you’re a douche, like these others do!

  40. Oh, I didn’t feel like reading ALL of the posts here, BUT if you type in the URL that she linked, it was from Wednesday, January 13th at 7:30am. I’m guessing she linked it either that day or MAYBE the day after (especially since she mentioned a low death toll, it was probably early on), so Ivan didn’t know about the Haiti earthquake for a couple of days, that’s it.

    I honestly didn’t know about it until Thursday afternoon, as I worked 12 hours on Wednesday and went home and went to bed. No one with a bullhorn yelled at me as I exited my car and I didn’t check at work until my lunch break on Thursday.

    Littles chicken, made of tikki tacky.

  41. While I am devastated about the earthquake and the lives lost, I am disappointed that it took a disaster like this for people to want to help. There’s no doubt that Haiti is a completely destitute country, even before the earthquake. I think Jonas has a point when he says we’ll just forget about them in a few months, which is sad since people are still crying about Michael Jackson who died seven months ago. In less than seven months most people will have forgotten Haiti…again.

  42. insert clever name here

    Michael who?

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