Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy B Day!

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  1. She is hot. Kinda looks like Jessica Alba. Covered in teletubbies cum.

  2. And then they each fisted her.

  3. Nothin’ better than a good old fashioned bukkake joke. I approve..

  4. well played… i would like to be friends with this megan.

  5. Wait. Aren’t the yellow and red teletubbies girls?

  6. Yeah, but they’re squirters

  7. Ouch

  8. After being hit by that many paintballs, I suspect she would not be smiling.
    Also, I would think you would wear padding clothes, not go half naked, when paintballing.

  9. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    If there is 1 rule I adhere to in life, it’s to “not question a girl who wants to go half naked”

  10. ^depends on what the girl looks like, surely?
    I mean, i don’t like to cast aspersions on fat chicks, or judge their bloated ases, but let’s be reasonable about this.

  11. Someone somewhere is turned on by fat chicks. Just sayin’.

  12. ^Good to know, Laila

  13. There are also people turned on by camels, Laila.

  14. “There are also people turned on by camels”

    Ain’t so much that I was turned on by them but rather it was a matter of “Any port in a storm”…or so I thought.

    I was stuck at a desert outpost during my time in the French Foreign Legion. I asked one of the other guys what was usually done in order to get some relief and he told me “We use the camels.” At first I was disgusted, but after a few weeks I started rationalizing it to myself…so late one night I snuck into the stables where the camels were kept and started going at it with one of ’em. Right after I got into a rhythm the same dude who first mentioned humping the humped creatures walked into the building and stared at me, bug-eyed and slack jawed.

    “What are you doing?!” he finally exclaimed.

    “Dude, you told me ya’ll use the camels when you’re horny” was my flustered response as I started pulling up my pants.

    “Well, yeah” he said, “But me and the other guys use the camels to ride into town and pick up girls”

  15. Q) what’s the difference between banging a camel and banging a fat chick?

    A) the fat chick will appreciate it more.

  16. Don’t forget all the people turned on by 3-year-old boys.

  17. I keep trying to.

  18. If by ‘don’t forget’ you mean ‘stab in the face’.

  19. I’m turned on by fat chicks.

  20. I’m turned on by face-stabbing.

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