Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Bust

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  1. Steeeeeveeerrrr is the #1 cut wrangler!!

  2. H.R. Poopinpants

    What is a “cut” wrangler?

  3. Steeever’s a little dyslexic. He meant to write he likes his men in cut Wrangler’s.

  4. Cunt wranglin’ son of a bitch is my new favorite phrase. It will now hold a place next to my favorite word, thundercunt

  5. sweettart is stvr’s cum dumpster alter ego.

  6. “cut” it out lamebook and post some new shit.

  7. No, actually new to the site. Who is stvr?

  8. The Beast Among Us

    ^ You’ll be fully aware in a couple of weeks if you hang around.

  9. Lol thank you. Usually people who make comments calling females cum dumpsters are the very definition of thundercunts 🙂

  10. Who said anything about females, you cut wranglin’ son of a bitch?

  11. Yeah….

  12. You said I was stvr’s cum dumpster alter ego. In response to that, I called you a thundercunt 🙂

  13. The Beast Among Us

    Thundercunt actually sounds kind of hot in a freak sort of way.

  14. One day my friend thought I called him a Thundercat….”Thunder, Thunder, Thunder…ThunderCunts – HO!”

  15. Sweettart- why didn’t you just call yourself I’MFEMALE

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