Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy to Ignore

Happy to Ignore

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  1. deep words from kirsty.

  2. The spirit of Oscar Wilde lives on.

  3. I think she knew those words are different. I think she was just trying to be cute.

  4. Oh, fuck off Doug. She’s retarded.

  5. She should be ecstatic!

  6. They should’ve waited longer before posting this one. If days pass and no comments were added, THEN it would’ve been proper lame.

  7. Kristy’s post tomorrow: “Read is my favorite color”

  8. Some things just don’t make scents.

  9. i’m with Doug on this.

  10. Kirsty’s boyfriend must be the salmon-salmonella guy.

  11. It would be cute if her wordplay actually made sense. Instead she just sounds like the English class bimbo.

  12. But the people ignoring you are delighted…

  13. “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

  14. I guess she proved that ignorance IS bliss indeed…

  15. I’d ignore her too

    lol @ wag, truff & ted

  16. my only comment is.. what kind of name is kirsty ?!

  17. I’d ignore her, and thank whoever taught up that quote.

  18. God bless the attention whores. Interntional or not, they always can provide a smile.

  19. I meant Intentional.

  20. In Russia, bliss is ignorance

    -Russian reversal on ignorance is bliss

  21. In Soviet Russa, bliss ignorance’s you.

  22. god, i wish i were her friend so i could hide her from my news feed.

  23. …but I bet you have lots o’ bliss…

  24. IGNOR(her)ASS

  25. This is just lame.

  26. Jesus, the irony.

  27. pretty sure I know this bitch!

  28. Beautiful.

  29. we would be happy if you were more educated,now,wouldn’t we?

  30. the problem with your ignorance is that you are too stupid to see that you are experiencing bliss…

    your own sad, stupid, lonely bliss… XD

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