Friday, August 7, 2009

Have A Good Weekend Everyone!


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  1. What’s wrong with staying at home on Friday night? Doesn’t seem spectacularly lame to me, maybe a little lame, but not lamebook worthy.

  2. Cel – People who are on Facebook on a Friday night can’t judge people who are actually being creative on a Friday night.

  3. I agree.

  4. Maybe he’s got a live model…preferably one Gunner wants.

  5. Friday night faggot will never be as popular as Monday Night Football!

  6. I refuse to judge this post until we see one of Justin’s drawings.

  7. Mary, Facebook stalking on a Friday night is a dead giveaway. Just jump him already.


  9. Am straddling the lame/unlame fence until I see the actual drawings produced during the Friday Night Drawing Circle.

  10. Gunner’s on Facebook on Friday night, too.

  11. look at all you losers posting on a friday night… wait, shit.

  12. Who the fuck is named “Gunner”?

  13. I think the lame one here is Gunner, obviously.

  14. I draw on friday nights… MJ YOU TOOK MY NAME! I’M THE REAL MCJESUS. I mean Michael Joseph. Whats your name?

  15. Mary Jane.


  16. Doesn’t seem lame to me either.

  17. Gunner meant that Justin was a faggot unless he was drawing his guns.

  18. Ba Boom Chii

  19. somehow i think a guy named ‘gunner’ is going to be spending the night drinking pbr in the back of a pick up truck in a 7-11 parking lot.

  20. c – That’s FUCKING EXTREME!!!

  21. I don’t see how that’s a bad evening.

  22. Justin is an artist and does not conform to the monotonous stereotype that is Friday night binge drinking. Years from now, when Justin is a grown man, he will be considerably famous as a talent or shall have a very fine job as a graphic or commercial artist. Meanwhile, Gunner in full wifebeater regale will continue to lay in his kiddie pool full of ice, eating mayo out of the jar and wiping his kool-aid mustache with a tattered flag of Thailand. Red, white and blue. These are colors we share with the despised French (well, despised by our less intelligent Americans) and the “evil commies” known as North Korea and Cuba. These symbolic shades can be coopted for whatever purpose and beliefs the inheritor shall provide. So before you bleed red–realize that the man in the country you despise also bleeds the same colors as you.

  23. Wow, there are a lot of idiots who read lamebook.

  24. Yes, Sunny Fong. Yes, there are.

  25. I think Gunner means “It’s Friday night. We have a date. It’s my turn to be the bottom, remember?”

  26. For all of you people saying Gunner is a white trash name created as a tribute to guns, it’s a SCANDINAVIAN name (also spelled Gunnar), and you’ll probably find more Europeans with that name than Americans.

  27. what the chickens

    I wonder what Justin is coloring.

  28. It’s a tongue-in-cheek comment. It’s funny, but not ‘lame’ as should be found on LameBook.
    (Though, I disapprove of the use of ‘faggot’.)

  29. It’s “lamebook”. Get it right, faggot.

  30. @ Kurosawa…..your name means hot-tramp in a language I know, for real.

  31. im drawing a blank…..

  32. Ummmmmm … did Gunner not show his ass by responding to this 30 minutes AFTER the original post?

  33. It’s just funny because Gunner is an obvious redneck. Calling him a faggot, judging him for doing something remotely out of the popular realm. And the best part? He’s on FB too.

  34. I just hope Gunner finds this and comments on all of us who are reading lamebook on a friday or saturday night (myself included…)

  35. lol i love reading lamebook Saturday morning at 5:29 am lol

  36. btw for all you noobs i live in EST time zone that’s why the time is and hour behind. lol just though i would say it before some other douche did

  37. @38

  38. So? I read on Friday nights. And if the joke is someone spending time on FB on Friday night, calling someone else a faggot, it isn’t Lamebook worthy.

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