Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Have you seen him… or them.

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  1. Pretty sure cream fields is what got her into this mess in the first place

  2. Mmmm, 7 potential fathers. Methinks you should either slow your roll just a little or get punchcards from the abortion and STD clinics.

  3. The Beast Among Us

    Must have been a good time. I think I saw the video on PornHub.

  4. righteousindignance

    You couldn’t have, Beast, there’s no white guys in porn anymore.

  5. This isn’t funny, this is sad. Very sad.

  6. BaronVonStauffenberg

    So, does that mean that she had sex with at least seven dudes, or does that mean that she had sex with one of the seven, but doesn’t know which one, for some reason? I’m guessing it’s the first. It sounds like a story from the Jeremy Kyle show or Jerry Springer.

  7. That pregnancy could be the future “Aerosmith gang bang” twins.

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