Monday, January 7, 2013

Head -> Desk

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  1. It actually makes a bit of sense.
    See, she said The Virgin was HER FAVORITE sex position. She never said it was THE ONLY position she’s tried.

  2. “NEXT right person…”

    Not THE or FIRST right person, so it’s like the ‘Mr. Right Now’ joke.

    Reading is fundamental.

  3. Piss the fuck off.

  4. Cunnilingus, doggie style, wheelbarrow, hovering butterflies, cowgirl, etc…

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  6. so she got bwned and then pwned.

  7. I hate Russel Brand, and I’m pretty sure I heard the term ‘oxygen thief’ existed before he recycled it during one of his routines.

  8. Sure it doesn’t need to be said most Facebook users can be categorised as oxygen thieves?

  9. I dom’t thimk cunnilingus is a positiom.

  10. ^ It’s more of a position than the Angry Pirate, which is more of an act.

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