Thursday, January 19, 2012

Helluva Timeline

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  2. No!

  3. These are kinda getting old…

  4. ^Complaining like a little bitch about content you fail to contribute to got old in 2002, MarioLizard.

  5. lolwut? I thought you left AssThrob, it’s apparent few people like you. Oh well, let’s start the childish fights yet again!

  6. vaginalroundhouse

    I’m waiting for the porn pics.

    MarioLiza and AssThrob, I want to see 13 rounds between you two.

  7. Msannethrowup can’t fight, (s)he’ll wear you down just by talking though. I mean (s)he’s just so clever.

  8. They ARE getting old

  9. How low is that guys self esteem to dress as Luigi?

    @vaginalroundhouse Maybe a ‘yo mama’ kind of fight then boxing, no gloves!

  10. Oh,boofuckinghoo. ‘few people like me’?
    I’m supposed to care? If I was concerned about shitdicks like you liking me, MarioLizard, maybe I wouldn’t insult you directly to your fat, neckbearded face?

  11. How are these lame?

  12. They’re not, Hawkbit. Believe it or not, ‘Lamebook’ is actually about FUNNY posts on facebook, not just lame posts as their name would suggest.

  13. what’s sarah supposed to be? 1st one is good.

  14. Sarah’s timeline pic is another take on the “casually pepper spray everything cop” meme, from the Occupy movement. Lt John Pike pepper sprayed the fuck out of some students at UC Davis – whilst they were sitting, unmoving and obviously no danger to anyone.

  15. and, hilariously, he thought doing so in front of several cameras wouldn’t come back to bite him on the arse.

  16. I’m sure that he thought long and hard about his actions though, whilst he was at home, on paid leave.

  17. the home that is being foreclosed on? yeah, I hope he thinks real hard.

  18. I thought he had a previous foreclosure, not a current one?

  19. yep. you’re right. he’s already lost his home, truck, wedding rings and handguns to bankruptcy. that’s why he is so full of solidarity, compassion and humility.

  20. Maybe they should give his handguns back to him with a free CD of Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt, and see what comes of it.

  21. Johnny cash singing ‘Hurt’ is one of the most beautiful things this planet has ever produced.

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