Wednesday, June 12, 2013

History is History

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  1. I don’t know which is worse: the fact she doesn’t know Lincoln was the 16th and not the 1st, or the fact that she thinks she can meet dead people.

  2. I once saw a movie, about a boy who could see dead people.
    Bruce Willies is dead!

  3. She met him four scores and twenty years ago.

  4. What the actual fuck? I’m not even a citizen of the united states, but I do know who the first president of the US was.

  5. Me too! It was Nelson Mandela!

  6. Abraham Lincoln

    Good lord, maybe I should have passed that legislation to stop the stupid from breeding.

  7. Y’all didn’t let her finish… She was gonna say: “I finally meet the first president who talked about the internet”.

  8. I like the look on statue Abe’s face in the photo.

  9. Bruce Willies sounds like a porn star name.

  10. I’m getting pretty tired of posts like these. Granted, I’m not American, and I had to check who was the president, but guess what? I have absolutely no idea, who was my own country’s first. And at what number we’re at now (this is because I suck at remembering numbers).

    If you don’t know who’s the president now, that’s bad, but these… Some people just aren’t that great at history. I’m one of them. Geography is another subject I always had some troubles with.

  11. ^ Both Lincoln and Washington are on our money. We learn all about Washington and that fake story about the cherry tree in school, and hear it all the time. It’s impossible to not know if you’ve ever spent time in an elementary school in this country.

    But still, seeing someone’s statue is completely different from meeting someone in real life.

  12. ^unless you’re a statue yourself

  13. as Elizabeth implied I cant believe that some one able to profit $8240 in 4 weeks on the computer. did you see this page…

  14. WestCoastSunset

    Considering the fact that there is probably a plaque somewhere near the Lincoln monument telling us all which prez he was, someone could have been screaming it in her ear and she would not care

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