Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hobo Facebook

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  1. Kill yourself

  2. I’m glad there’s a picture because if I saw him on the street I wouldn’t want to interact with him long enough to read that.

  3. He couldn’t be much less subtle that he wants money to buy/grow weed.

  4. He could grow weed between those teeth..

  5. So, I suppose the next step is for Facebook to sue him for all the weed he’s got.

  6. Is all of that worth reading?
    Someone let me know.

  7. At a music festival in Quebec, I saw a man in the street holding a sign that said “why lie? I want a beer” I gave him 5bucks.

  8. Now if he put that much effort into keeping a job, then he wouldn’t be homeless anymore. The irony.

  9. i don’t get it

  10. Homeless yet knows all about Facebook. Yeah this guy probably is one of the few people who make more than enough money buy begging. Seriously there was a guy who begs for money in my town who drove a brand new Mercedes Benz. It’s more common than you might think.

  11. For a homeless fellow, he sure does keep his beard nicely trimmed.

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