Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Holy Matrimony!

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  1. ^you don’t need to worship soldiers to respect them, but a full-frontal lobotomy helps.
    The illegal wars that the US keeps on waging…Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Irag, bullying Cuba… and soon Iran.. have FUCK ALL to do with the ‘safety of society'(don’t piss in my pocket and call it lemonade you apologist asshole) and EVERYTHING to do with profiteering. You’re a brainwashed fool if you believe the bullshit spun by the people who have a vested interest in waging this shit.

  2. ^ you mad bro?

    Also, when did you join the Westboro Baptist Church?

  3. ^^ oops I forgot to ask, where is Irag? I don’t think we have been to war with them.

  4. @duchess, i think everybody knew beatus was joking but you. More importantly, @squarerobot, you are either a fool or extremely gullible (and thus a fool :)) I have some respect for soldiers who fight for the freedom/safety of their people (for example, the rebels in libya). As missanne said a lot more eloquently than i can, all USA soldiers fight for is oil and money.

  5. remember back in the day, when people fought, but not for laws. but to over take countries and capture humans for slaves ? how was America won, you idiot (msanne), if it wasn’t for war, or shameless killing, you probably wouldn’t be living this life of your countless hours on the internet preaching your opinions. keep that in mind, next time someone honours the men fighting, and protecting America that could be over taken by the Chinese at any point in time.

  6. Oh God, are you seriously that ignorant, Flames? You’re applauding invasion and think that MsAnne should as well? Aren’t you a ridiculous cracker!?!

    Do the world a favour and die in a fire.

  7. Not really following how this life I’m living has much to do with the invasion of America. But I constantly keep in mind the devolution of the US – in fact we’ve been watching that empire collapse in real time for the last 5 years.
    When capitol hill finally washes away on a tide of blood-stained hubris, the better off the whole world will be.

  8. lynchmasterflash

    Aids is gods way of killing fags.

  9. Hey Lynchmaster – you’re a pathetic fuck – don’t worry about us fags we don’t need your support or opinion. By the way, you have gay relatives or friends whether you realize it or not and I’m sure they’d take death over being related to you. Bet you have a tiny dick.

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