Wednesday, April 29, 2009



Congratulations to Rachel for being our very first “Lamester.” The Lamesters are basically the editor’s pick of the day. The post that out-lames all of the others. Rachel I hate to break it to you, but Hoobastank (which you misspelled, silly) or 3 Doors Down are not bands that you will find at the top of anyone’s playlists. Those bands suck. And what’s with the hostility? Here we are all are minding our own business when BAM, Rachel drops us an online f-bomb because she’s fortunate enough to be backstage with some dirty old guys. A skank with a few drinks down is a scary thing, but I hope you had a good (and safe) time.

♥ The Editors

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  1. i wish I could like these posts in a humorous way

  2. HAHAHA Who listens to hoobastank and/or 3 doors down?
    this post had me in tears – I like these posts in a humorous, sexual and uplifting way.

  3. no, f u


  5. I think i would be more excited about the “hot bitches”

  6. hahahaha ridiculous.

  7. i didn’t know those bands still existed. good for them, i suppose. this kind of post is really the stuff lamebook dreams are made of.

  8. did i say good for them? don’t take that the wrong way.

  9. worst bands ever! hilarious.

  10. f u i went back stage to the jonas brothers, they are soooo much better. and i split 3 wine coolers with my bitches!

  11. I didn’t know things like The Jonas Brothers and wine coolers/bitches even mixed. How’d that turn out?

  12. John Players Standard

    The fact that the “editors” would even insult her taste of music and post her here based on that is pretty lame in itself. In my opinion is lamer than her taste in music. I personally don’t like them but I wouldn’t make fun of her. What do you listen too? Screamo? LMFAO!

  13. Sooo she is all about being a groupy? well I guess we need girls like this it takes alot a drunk daddy missing your dance classes and what not to lower your self esteem enought so that you go in to porn. If they don’t go in to porn then that just kills my firday internet porn nights. So i say to you as lame as they maybe we still need lamers like this chick.

  14. I agree with John Players Standard. I downvoted this just for the fact that editors are being dumbasses… Just because YOU don’t like a band, doesn’t give you the right to mock people who do like them. This is something that always gets my blood boiling.

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