Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hop In

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  1. Joooooooooooe Pisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssscapo

  2. I always have a smile and a friendly attitude. I have a big heart and I’m really open-minded and I love to help everyone. Oh yeah, and fuck you.

  3. Maaaaaaaaartin Short!

  4. This one is pretty nasty. Not lame or funny. Cody, Jesse and Josh will be those balding, lonely men with beer guts that young people try to avoid in nightclubs in 20 years time.

  5. Yeah, I agree with dragonfly. Musa might be sort of annoying, but the rest of them are just nasty.

  6. If you post something as idiotic and self-indulgent as that on a public forum, you’re just asking for those kinds of responses. And considering Jesse got 16 likes from this last comment, those 3 aren’t the only friends of Musa who think she’s a joke. My guess is that she posts this kind of shit all the time, and that she actually -is- a whore.

  7. Is anyone else oh so slightly confused at “so let em bic’s raise cause…”?? What the fuck does that even pretend to mean?

  8. Chucho it’s a grammatically incorrect way of saying “let everyone hold their lighters in the air for me”, the way people do at concerts.

  9. Ah ha. Thanks. Now I think Musa is even stupider than I did before!

  10. Disdability

  11. i want to put my piggley wiggley in her charlie browns

  12. Yeah fuck Musa and her woe-ist me attitude and bullshit attention seeking. On any other post Cody would be Supreme Douche, but here he actually wins.

  13. “Woe-ist me”? Whoa. That’s a new twist.

  14. Embiggen!
    Why should other people care if she sleeps around? On the other hand if she does, why not see if she’ll let you take advantage of the opportunity?

  15. Haha, I definitely thought of Bic pens before lighters.

  16. I’m not really sure why at the end she switched to lyrics from the song Lighters, but ok.

  17. She is trying way too hard (pun intended)

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  19. Why is the “about an hour ago” moving around so much? Seems like this post is all edited.

  20. Mussa is pretentious.

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