Monday, October 12, 2009

Hope This Works Out


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  1. Yep, seems that Chris and Hope are almighty shits

  2. Karma

  3. “It was dank”, I hope Hope thinks it was worth it.

  4. Chris is kind of an asshole. A really funny one.

  5. This reminds me when I fucked my friends dog in his bed. The dog shit on my chest afterwords, and I used his pillow to wipe it off, then rolled it over so he wouldnt see it.

  6. WTF mcowles, that’s not funny. It’s quite disturbing to even make up something like that…..get professional help, please.

  7. Chris doesn’t seem like much of a friend and if he has that little respect for Andrew, hewas probably doing the ex before she was and ex.

  8. hahahhahaha thats flipping hilarious – Sorry Andrew sounds like your better off without her she sounds like a skank anyways.

  9. Oh and Chris hope you used a condom sounds like youve been screwing a dirty girl lol

  10. If I were Andrew, I would force Chris to buy me new sheets. Chris is an ass.

  11. @uhhhh – that wasn’t me. there’s someone here on lamebook that enjoys to pretend to be many different people. I’m pretty sure it’s all the same person.

    I just ignore it. Hmmm, I kinda have the feeling that you are that same person. Since most people ignore your obvious (and retarded) fakes, I guess you figured that you would point them out yourself. Either way, fake mcowles (and fake anonisgay) is a douche.

  12. I wanna be your next Mcowles lol but only if your hot.

  13. that was just a joke btw

  14. Andrew apparently is a little touchy. Not so feelie anymore though :).

  15. LittleMz, may I ask why would you identify the female as being the sole “dirty” party in this situation?

  16. Christopher is certainly setting himself up for karmic payback, and then some. And nobody’s gonna claim he doesn’t deserve it.

    And Andrew learns the hard way to choose his friends and his women more carefully.

  17. @LittleMz

    Hit me up!

  18. Christopher is a tool, with really awesome comments.

  19. Anyone else with Hope had a Facebook account?

  20. Er.. *wish

  21. Good friend.

  22. Who cares what happens to your ex-anything?

  23. so what? he fucked a girl you no longer give a shit about….change the sheets and move on.

  24. Hahaha I love that Haley character.

  25. The two are roommates. Why did he choose his roommate’s bed, and not his own, to bang this chick? That’s kind of… weird.

  26. Love that, “Need to talk babe?” comment. It seems so out of place for this mendoza line of a conversation… the band, not the actual, figurative, line. Chris is sort of hysterical; and, “mikey,” karma doesn’t touch funny people, so, in that spirit, it’s constantly reminding me to shut up.

  27. If Chris is the kind of guy who would shag your ex-girlfriend on YOUR bed, then it begs the question as to why exactly you would tell the world on facebook, because he’s obviously the kind of guy who’ll take the piss too… Must admit though, did like Chris’ last comment.

  28. Ahahahaha “Hope”

    holy shit

  29. I think I would just be pissed about having to do extra laundry.

  30. Chris FTW, His own sheets were probably already dirty.

  31. Andrew’s ex girlfriend
    Tore up his bed with Chris V
    What a filthy slut

  32. Ok, is it just me or are all the posted times through the whole damn thing off? Right in the middle of it is a post 3 mins ago, then goes to 13 minutes? Did a Star Trek episode come into the middle of it or what?

    Having to change posts around just to make it look funny is lame itself…

  33. @Tristan: I think Facebook just does that sometimes, if you’re looking at a page for too long and then comment on it the times are all messed up. Of course, as fucked as this thing is, it’s entirely possible that they changed the order of the posts..

  34. “Chris is kind of an asshole. A really funny one.”

    yeah hah. just the kind of a guy I always fall for.. damn it

  35. Got to love Amalia for her understatement – ‘that’s really unfortunate’. Well, yes. Yes, it is.

  36. I know a Chris who is just as much of a smug @$$hole as that, just not as funny.

  37. What’s with the Chris hate? He told the truth and he told it with the cold hard wit that most people would shy away from!

    Who give’s a shit who had sex with who’s ex. If Andrew really gave a shit, which he evidently doesn’t aside from the obvious attention that he is garnering from this, he would have spoken to Chris instead of blasting it on facebook.

    Well played Chris sir, well played.


  38. I think Chris tried to type “It was dark.” He accidentally chose the wrong bed. Probably because he was busy. On that note since it was accidental he can joke about it and is not an ahole. That’s exactly what I’d have done.

  39. Ally, maybe you just didn’t read through. Or maybe you did. I suppose the next time your best friend screws your ex in your bed while you’re gone, you’ll be cool with it.

  40. So now they’re best friends? You know them personally?

    I’ve fucked a friends ex but he couldn’t stand her anyways. I couldn’t either, but I was drunk. Fuck it. Literally.

  41. I tore that bed up, biiitch.

  42. Sorry pal that was me !

  43. And she was shit

  44. She never even swallowed

  45. Chris, you douche

  46. Chris needs a beating with an aluminum bat

  47. Chris, what a hero.

  48. LOL

    Wtf though, it wasn’t cheating, so why bother getting bent out of shape over something so trivial? Andrew needs to relax.

  49. Apparently it’s not just girls with the ‘no shagging your friends’ ex-girl/boyfriends’-rule.
    Or maybe it’s just Andrew’s time of the month, who knows.

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