Thursday, April 19, 2012

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  1. ^Spoken like a true lonely, single alcoholic.

  2. i bet you know that from experience.
    you’d drive the pope hisself to the bottle.

  3. yeah i think the topic was “how did so much sand get into your vagina”, but memory may fail me here.
    i’ve seriously considered your request, msanne (NO REALLY!), but i regret to advise that i try not to leave a party while i’m still having fun, and this is no exception.
    your alcohol remedy sucks, msanne. you suck. maybe you should be the one to fuck off. i know a great many people that think that would be a fucking fantastic idea. whilst i have no doubt that i have my share of haters, i’m pretty fucking certain that with a winning personality like yours, yours would far outnumber mine.
    so perhaps, you should…like…think of the lamebook community as a whole (we’re important msanne, and we matter), and take your own advice, and fuck off. but i don’t mind if you stick around, msanne. at least you’ve got the spine to pull no punches, and i like that in a chick.
    just sayin’!

  4. i am still left wondering why you seem so sure of yourself.
    you offer no original content. no humour. you have nothing of any substance to say at all…

    i am simply better than you.
    why do you keep bothering?


  5. I’ve never drank, actually. And I, among most other people on this site, think SLG is funny. Unlike you, everyone just thinks your a crotchety old fucking bitch with a bottle to her lips all day.

  6. And I’m sure you’ll make some crack about me not drinking like the sad, pathetic lonely old alcoholic bitch that you are.

  7. the reason that i’m so self assured is because i’m healthy, happy, have a great lifestyle, and don’t rely on drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism to get through life. i also don’t feel the need to invalidate others to try to gain personal power, because i have plenty of my own (the fact that you make statements like “i am simply better than you” says a lot about you, it’s not about me and you msanne…don’t you realise that?). i live life instead, help people and do good in society in general. i have a positive balance on the karma scales and i’m respected amongst my peers and professional community.
    i’m happy in myself, msanne. i don’t need your, or anyone on lamebook’s approval to feel that way. that’s why i’m so sure of myself.
    don’t worry about my motivations, darl. they exist. once they no longer exist, i’ll fade into the background again (because i simply won’t have time for this) and you can go back to spouting off your ill-formed views and petty insults without interference.
    but for now, get used to this.

  8. ^moan. moan. moan
    bitch. bitch. bitch.

    did i miss one of you amazing points? i stopped reading this shit days ago.

  9. Wooh, some nastiness going on while I was lying at home steaming all weekend, being a happy seasoned boozehound. MsAnne, I went to the chemist but it was too late. I was already shitfaced and forgot what the l one was. You were up bright as a button after taking it though yeah? Some love <3

  10. ok i’ll summarise for you msanne.
    i’m not going away. not til i’m good and ready.

  11. ^shut up. i didn’t want your crappy summary. you suck.

  12. curlybap, i am a glowing picture of health. its the bonhomie i radiate what does it.
    it keeps me vital from the inside.

  13. msanne, have i told you today how much your alcohol remedy sucks? no?
    oh dude…it really sucks arse. seriously! it’s terrible! you really didn’t think things through did you? what kind of medicine woman are you anyway! you should be ashamed!
    oooh now that i’ve said that again you’ll no doubt feel the need to go off on a mission to go through the last 10 pages of lamebook or so to try to burn me on every page.
    and i don’t matter to you. but you put that sort of effort in?
    hmmm…something not adding up here. i’ll figure it out soon enough!

  14. ^o you ever shut up, fool?

  15. Yeah, “o you ever shut up?”

  16. you cannot polish a turd.
    but you can wipe it off on syndi.

  17. bullshit you can’t polish a turd. what do you call a kia rio then? you make no sense at all, msanne.

  18. ^you suck at funny.

  19. you suck at alcohol remedies, msanne

  20. Alcohol doesn’t need to be remedied. Duh.

  21. slug is dumb.

  22. not as dumb as your anti-alcohol remedy msanne! besides which, who came up with the dumb idea of even trying something so pointless?
    oh that’s right, it was you.

  23. What the fuck are you doing, SLG? I don’t understand why you’d repeat the same unfunny shit on every single active thread.
    And there is no “ownage” here. Your attempts are laughable.

  24. i seem to be annoying you bacchante.
    which is pretty fucking cool if you ask me.

  25. Pfft. You don’t have the capacity to annoy me, you mote. This is my new good works; you’re a fucking charity case.

    Whenever someone is making an absolute ass of themselves and seems to be unaware of it, I let them know. On Saturday night, a chick came out of the bathroom with her skirt tucked into her tights, so I whispered in her ear to fix her shit up.

    Your ‘jokes’ are the online equivalent.

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