Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How to Confuse an Idiot…

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  1. Old


    Not funny

    If you like it within 3 seconds something magical will happen.


  2. I thought it was pretty funny how many idiots tried to play it. And I’m sure there’s a lot more of them who didn’t comment. lol.

  3. A lot of bites on that line.

  4. “If you lick it, within three seconds, something magical will happen.” FTFY, You’re welcome.

  5. Damn, Capn, you come quickly.

  6. Oh come on, cheap shot, I was correcting Toasties mistake. I cum on command! It’s like a sperm assault rifle with three round burst..ShPlack*spLaCK*ShPLACK! My magazine comes fully loaded with primo Full Semen Jacket and egg penetrating sperm projectiles. Best upgrade I ever made! I’ve got a custom carved uterus starlight scope, made especially for picking off high profile targets in the dark!

  7. the timing of comments is not right , so its fake

  8. Lamebookers are normally good at calling a fake.

    So how come basically everybody here gets the joke? (372 thumbs up)

    …but 9 people in a row all fell for it in the original post?

    Conclusion: The picture is obviously a recycled prank that is real.

    But the comments made by the ‘friends’ are all fake as fuck.

  9. I posted this pic. No one commented.

  10. Gather ’round, kiddies. I’ve got an explanation for both shakur149 and DanR.

    For unknown reasons, some Facebook pages have been showing comments in a seemingly random order over the past week or two. This didn’t come from a personal profile page, but from a page with subscribers. And someone has screen-printed the comments in a section where everyone was dumber than a box of hair, because that’s funnier than showing the comments of people who obviously understood the joke.

    In conclusion, people really are as stupid as this post signifies.

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