Tuesday, June 11, 2013


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  1. Eeeew, he’s talking about sex. Eeeeew, that’s soooo disgusting!

  2. Charles will hump you to 100 yards, but I’ll fuck you to then and back.

    I just stole Debanem’s line.

  3. This could have been funny if he had just photoshopped a ‘ slippery when wet’ sign in there.

  4. Humps for days.

  5. Someone’s mom has a house that is 100 yards long?

  6. ^yeah, yours.

  7. actually, it’s only 65.3

  8. Love lane?
    Sounds like some road-trip version of “Tunnel of Love”.

  9. So now I know where the humps are, where are the lovely lady lumps?

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  11. Shove it up yo ass, Barbara.

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