Monday, November 25, 2013

I F*cking Love this Thread

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  1. Don’t tell me, first? No big deal.

  2. I love how this pathetic generation likes to bash on those who are religious. Get over it for fuck sake. If you’re a atheist, cool, good for you. I believe something different than you, get over it. This isn’t the dark ages.

  3. ^that’s some commonsense for you.

  4. No big deal?????????? Piss-Head, you pedant, smarmy dick! First is the biggest of deals, you doss cunt! Fuck off!!!!


  5. ^ guys, I need back up. I’m being harassed by a Steeeeveeer puppet. He’s getting to me. I’m going down. I just spoke the truth that being first maybe fine for 8 year olds or the originator Steeeeveeer, but to be attacked on this forum by (I’m guessing is a Pom by the way) I lust Steeeeveeer is the bottom of the barrel for me

  6. I believe everyone should buy me a cheese and bacon pie every week but no one ever respects that

  7. If you keep posting hatefull comments on facebook, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

  8. Do we blaspheme here?

  9. I fucking love the fact that I am leaving work early today and don’t have to read anymore of this drivel!
    And peepeehead, I reckon you’ll be okey dokey.

  10. “I could just die for your sins, baby!”

  11. @AlenDente, you want a quiche every day? Perhaps you should make your own, and share. People will respect that, for sure.

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  13. The fucking bible? Is that the sequel to the Joy of Sex?

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