Thursday, January 3, 2013

I Hope It Was Worth It

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  1. T’was the night before the 4th day after new years eve, and all throughout lamebook,
    not a creature was stirring, not even steeever or that powdered toast assfook.
    The stench of last years posts, still reeked with despair, and no hopes that St Lamebook soon would be there.

    So it went without notice, that lamebook finally did share,
    a lameworthy post, but no one did care.
    For with three hundred and sixty five days, of total, utter shit,
    not a fucking creature on earth, was likely expecting it.

    No F5 key pressin’, even steever wouldnt dare,
    no hopes that a good post, soon would be there.
    Yet what to a few random accidental visitors eyes did appear?
    A post that was funny enough to convince even me to comment here…

  2. hmm, by funny, i meant lame.

  3. You have beyond way too much time. I do like the thought put into it though. Well done sir

  4. A thought occurs – remember awhile back this site kept advertising that Facebook was trying to shut it down?
    Well perhaps there was some kind of arrangement wherein lamebook could continue, however they were only allow to post utter shit so that the site wouldn’t be as relevant anymore?

  5. Heh…So this shoddy fuck took it up the ass for some ice cream eh? What’s next? Suckin’ dick for kool-aid? Oh yeAH!

  6. Oh? Go fuck yourself you choppy gimps! You’ll read my filth and you’ll fucking like it!

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  8. I created an account just to comment on this post. I was recently called to jury duty over a case where the common-law husband nearly beat to death his wife for eating the last Klondike bar. I guess that’s what he’d do for a Klondike bar…. True Story.

  9. you should probably delete your account now slbrigh, it’ll only end in tears and feelings of inadequacy in the end…

  10. I doubt the real issue was the klondike bar. By eating the last one she was putting his manhood on the chopping block, and questioning his masculinity. Have you ever tried to take a bone away from a dog that wasnt a pussy? If he didn’t assert his dominance right then and there, the next think you know she’d be gargling the neighbors cum out of a flute glass and feeding him sub-par food while she keeps all the good stuff for herself like the ham beast she is. Anyways, Jenny makes a good point, and since you’re here I might as well ask you now. What’s it like to have such a tiny penis, slbrigh?

  11. hannibal-lecture

    klondike bars are pretty good

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