Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Like It!

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  1. Last one would be a lot better if it were put in context…from DeadMau5’s twitter page. Stupid otherwise.

  2. Deadmau5 posted it on his Facebook too so it’s still cool.

  3. What is the guy ragging on the HJ for?

  4. people over 14 enjoy handy j’s?

  5. HJs are somehow my favorite. Doubt I’ll meet the woman who agrees though.

  6. ^I’m sure MsAnnThrope will be on in a minute to tell you she just luuuuurves the HJs…..

    You might enjoy them less though as I am pretty sure she would extend her retractable claws while doing it and laugh as you shriek in an ever increasing pool of your own blood.

  7. MAT is probably a man…man.

  8. ^#6. you were clearly lacking affection as a child.
    probably because you are a crappy person.

  9. Huh! To me, HJs are head jobs, not hand jobs.

  10. Why would waking up to the sound of girls screaming be a good thing? I get the joke he’s trying to make but reads slightly psychotically..

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