Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Saw the Sign

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  1. vaginalroundhouse

    I am King Jaffe Joffer, ruler of FIRST!!!

  2. Hoe Carnival looks like a photoshop job (funny, but still). If you zoom in, you can see that the ‘S’ has been blacked out.

  3. peeeeveerrrrrrrrrrrr

  4. @4am it’s not photoshopped, the s is burned out, not blacked out . So the store “shoe carnival” is now “hoe carnival.”

  5. Meh

  6. That Starbucks link Paul posted is a scam. Double fail

  7. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I don’t see the problem with Paul’s post. He’s not saying HE objects to capitalism; he’s just saying that those people who do are doing it wrong.

  8. @georgep – thanks for letting me know it was a scam! I went on the FB page to see if I could grab one of those cards 😉 Couldn’t find it. I don’t even drink Starbucks…but I could “re-gift” it at Christmas.

    Damn scammers.

  9. Ah yes. Google confirms.

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